Interview with EPZZ on joining Cyclowns

June 13th
written by RadoN


After several days of rigorous try-outs, Andreas “EPZZ” Wallvingskog will be joining Cyclowns permanently, the core of the team formerly known as Cyclone.

During the last week, he was with the squad on trial basis, together with former Red Reserve teammate Oliwer “Lateks” Fahlander. Cyclowns found itself in need of two players after Tiago “mowzassa” Rodrigues and Isaac “Boombox” Charles left, respectively for Laser Kittenz and eUnited, shortly before TakeTV’s TakeOver 2.

The event saw them using two substitutes, one of which being the team’s coach and manager, Luke “iuKeEe” Dainton. The squad suffered heavy losses, winning only two maps during their three matches in the group stage and exiting the tournament at a shared last place with the fully-Swedish squad of Misfits.

Since EPZZ and Lateks stepped in, however, Cyclowns has been looking on the up and up. Most recently, fans saw them qualifying for Overwatch Contenders Season 0 as the top team from the second open qualifier. While EPZZ is joining on permanent basis, Lateks will be remaining on trial for the time being.

Winston’s Lab had the opportunity to ask Andreas several questions in regards to him joining the team.

You are best known from your time in Red Reserve, but please tell us more about how you got into Overwatch and your competitive history.

I used to play a lot of League of Legends on a decently high level, but not for any professional teams. I started to get tired of LoL at the beginning of season 6 I think it was. That’s when Overwatch came up, I started to play Overwatch when it got released in the end of May. I’m a competitive guy who always wants to compete and win. I started to look for teams pretty much the day after I started with Overwatch because I felt like this is a game that I want to take to the next level. My very first team back then was with Lateks and Martin “Graceful” Wongprom. It was not super-serious but we played together and tried to learn stuff. The more serious teams that I have played with so far during my career are Team OPS, The Gatekeepers, PENTA Sports, b0nkers, Red Reserve and now Cyclowns. My first big event was DreamHack Winter, where I competed under PENTA Sports. The King’s Row game against CompLexity will never be forgotten.

Prior to joining Cyclowns you’ve played  mostly on Swedish rosters. What are the differences between those and being on an international roster?

There are both advantages and disadvantages with a full Swedish team. The good thing is that you can communicate easier with each other and you usually get along easier with the players in the team. The disadvantage is that if you would like to replace a member in the team there is a very limited number of players to choose from and it can be really hard to find 6 players on the same level if you are from the same country.

What do you attribute the ease with which you swept through the second qualifier for Contenders Season 0, compared to your first try?

We had to face eUnited in the Ro16 and they are probably the best team in Europe right now. Surprisingly, we managed to take a map from them, which no one else in the whole tournament did. The second qualifier we had an easier bracket, although we did struggle a bit in the Ro32 and Ro16 against two lesser known teams [“The Korean Slayer +5” and “BX3 eSports Club”]. After that, when the pressure was gone we swept the last three matches pretty convincingly in our favor with all matches ending 2-0.

Are there any teams you are especially looking forward to meeting in Season 0 of Contenders?

Yeah, for sure! Emil “eMIL” Sandgren plays for NWA and Rikard “Klanton” Lundberg plays for Bazooka Puppiez. They are my old teammates from Red Reserve and I would like to face them. I also want revenge against eUnited, but that would be cool to do in the finals.

For fans who haven’t seen your play so far, but are interested in learning more about you, which game of yours would you recommend them to watch?

If you haven’t seen the match between PENTA Sports and CompLexity at DreamHack Winter 2016, then you should. We came in as heavy underdogs and managed to win King’s Row with 6-5.

The last words are yours.

I would like to give a shoutout to iuKeEe and the new teammates in Cyclowns for believing in me.

You can follow EPZZ and Cyclowns on twitter at @epzeze and @CyclownsOW, and catch Andreas streaming on

Photo credits: IRezz

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