Statistical outliers: Boink – Carry Lucio

August 20th
written by Yiska


Tonight, FNRGFE will face off against the newly invigorated FaZe Clan. FaZe stocked up with Surefour and Carpe, two beastly DPS-players. When adding Shadowburn to the mix, not many teams in the West would be able to compete with their dealers. Fortunately, Overwatch is more than a 2v2 game and history has taught us that teams with strong Tanks and Supports tend to even slightly outperform DPS-heavy teams. The most prominent roster with support cast focus is, of course, Lunatic Hai and they now have two Apex titles under their belt.

One useful tool to categorize these teams with is the Percentage of a Team’s Kills, in short PTK-Model. When taking all the recent relevant tournaments into account, the current average for teams in both Contenders EU & NA are approximately 48% DPS, 36% Tanks and 16% Support kills. For FNRGFE, the supports frag slightly more at 17% while taking away a portion from the DPS. Under the microscope, their Flex support Bani is a solid performer that simply doesn’t have a bad pick and will always deliver on all the heroes he plays. There is one aspect, however, where he isn’t up to snuff and that is Kills. His PTK on Ana is at 5% which is a whopping 32% less than average. On Zenyatta, he was at 9.3%, which is 18% below par. So how come FNRGFE is still a support weighted team? Enter Boink, the Carry Lucio.

Over a solid sample size of four hours at the Beat Invitational 2, Boink had a PTK of 10.7%. That is about a third more than the average Lucio gets in their respective teams. In itself, that already is really impressive for a Lucio that also only dies 3.43 times per 10 minutes, 25% less than Lucios at Beat. Boink is up in your face, but rarely ever dies and if he does, he avoids being the important first blood better than others too (5.5% First death (-19%))

Getting the First Kill of a team fight in Overwatch is incredibly important. In professional play, the team that gets first blood will win the fight 77% of the time. This is exactly where Boink goes nuts in comparison to his fellow Lucios. His First Kill is at an incredible 5.5% ratio, 55% more than average.

Need an example? During the Beat Invitational 2 FNRGFE played against Tempo Storm on King’s Row. With their backs against the wall, at a severe ultimate disadvantage and overtime approaching quickly, Boink ends up making all the difference. Despite the urgency of having to touch the payload, the backline of FNRGFE is pushed back. Dreamkazper on Genji has his Dragonblade up and tries to get into a position to finish them off.

They decide to swing it around on Genji and focus him, but he still has Deflect ready and looks for the mega health pack to his left. In most of all cases, this would have worked. Not so with Boink around.

He takes the wall ride up the left wall, jumps high and with the added momentum he remains in line of sight of Dreamkazper. At the peak of his jump, he fires three projectiles which, as if they could go nowhere else, nail Tempo Storm’s hopes right in the head. Before Boink hits the ground, his sound waves end the Genji as his ultimate indicator still flashes bright and blue. Upon landing, he breaks into a little hop, much like a super ball, and you can almost hear the sound. *Boink*.

FNRGFE on the back of this first blood ride the payload to completion and ultimately end up winning the map, one which would later allow them to advance past Tempo Storm.

Boink is looking to deliver such game-winning performances tonight against FaZe too. His team is certainly the underdog – if you were to believe us here at Winston’s Lab anyway – but Boink could be the difference-maker that would allow for such an upset.

Stats taken from Beat Invitational 2. Query here.