Overwatch World Cup 2017 Playoff Brackets Announced

August 28th
written by Moirai

world cup playoff

The Overwatch World Cup Playoff brackets were announced following Overwatch Contenders Week 2, Day 2 matches.

Who would face who was decided on a random, lotto-like system, with what looked like ping-pong balls being randomly drawn.

Matt “MRX” Morello had the honor of drawing the teams, the first of which is UK. China was the second, then Canada. South Korea was pulled fourth, meaning that the last team left in the draw would be the unlucky squad to take them on in the Quarterfinals.

Much to the analyst on hand and Sweden player Reinforce’s relief, Sweden was picked next, avoiding South Korea’s entire bracket until the Grand Final. China was fated to square up against France, who both qualified in the Shanghai Qualifier. The most tense draw was the last one, with either Australia or the United States having the task of taking on Canada in their quarterfinal match.

In the end, MRX pulled Australia. That meant that United States, as the last ball in the container, would have to take on South Korea in the quarterfinals.

When the ball was drawn, the analyst desk was silent. After a few moments, GoldenBoy put it simply:

“To be honest here, if you want to win the Overwatch World Cup, you gotta beat the best.”

With that, the brackets were decided.

world cup playoff


  • Team 1A: UK
    Team 1B: Sweden
  • Team 3A: Canada
    Team 3B: Australia


  • Team 2A: China
    Team 2B: France
  • Team 4A: South Korea
    Team 4B: United States

The last phase of Overwatch World Cup 2017 starts on November 4 at Anaheim Convention Center during BlizzCon.