Contenders S1 EU Bracket: Who’s in the Playoffs?

September 20th
written by Moirai

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EU Overwatch is the most unpredictable yet, with all but one team having a shot at Playoffs.

In a weird twist irony, the Overwatch Contenders Season 1 EU brackets are the most hotly-contested brackets that Contenders has ever seen. There’s not one, not two, but five teams still in contention for playoffs, thanks to multiple teams playing two games this week instead of only one.

Wondering if/how your favorite European team can make it to the Playoffs in October? Here’s as simple of a reasoning as we can possibly make it:

Misfits is undefeated

At this time, Misfits has the most maps won in the entirety of EU and NA Contenders, with one over NA’s Team EnVyUs at 23. Like their American counterparts, Misfits is smooth sailing for the last week of the Regular Season, with only one match left against second-to-last eUnited left on their way to total domination. They’re locked in for the playoffs as well as top seed, as only Team Giganti can meet their record should Misfits lose vs eUnited, but the map wins break the tie in Misfit’s favor.

Team Giganti will make the playoffs

Team Giganti has had the second-most solid run in Contenders Season 1 EU. Seeing as Giganti will be facing last-place Bazooka Puppiez, it should be smooth sailing for them moving into the last week. If Giganti does poorly, then they might lose some seeding privileges, but their life in the tournament is in no ways threatened.

123, Cloud9.EU and GamersOrigin have a shot

Week 4 seemed to be 123’s downfall, with the team only taking one map against Team Gigantti. Things went from bad to worse when they faced Misfits the next week, being swept 0-4. Going into the final week, they’ve got the most impactful games of the weekend: they’re playing against both C9 and GO for this final round of matches. That makes things a bit more simple: if they win both of those, they’re good to go, seeing as they have more map wins than the other two. If 123 loses and Cloud9 wins in a 1-3 scoreline, the two teams will be tied and it will boil down to who can beat the enemies from the second game they’ll play this weekend (GamersOrigin and Team Singularity, respectively).

Cloud9.EU – formerly known as Laser Kittenz – is currently tied with 123 in the standings, though they’re two map wins behind them. This puts them in fourth place, barely in front of GamersOrigin, who also has them beat on map wins. This puts C9 in a very weird position: if they win both games against Team Singularity and 123, they’re in the clear. If they lose one of those games 1-3, GO needs to win both of their games and 123 needs to win their game against C9 in order to knock C9 out of the tournament. If they lose both, they’re most likely out, as GO only needs to win only one match and one of their matches is against the, so far underwhelming, team of eUnited.

GamersOrigin is behind in the wins-losses column but ahead of C9 in their maps won. If they can match C9’s record at the end of the day, they’ll most likely have the maps win tiebreaker in their favor and be headed off to the Playoffs. For GO, it’s all about making sure they continue to rack up the maps won and ensuring that they have enough to break a tie with C9.

Team Singularity and eUnited are barely holding on

If Singularity wins their match against Cloud9 and both C9 and GamersOrigin are swept 0-4 against 123, then Singularity has a shot. Singularity would need to 4-0 C9 in their sole match of the week to win outright, 3-1 to force a tiebreaker. GO would need to lose both matches for this to even be a possibility, which isn’t likely considering they’re going up against eUnited.

The first placed team from Season Zero, eUnited, shocked fans and analysts alike with their less-than-ideal record of 1-4 going into this last week. With a bit of skill and a lot of luck, however, they can still punch their ticket to the Playoffs. The task at hand is a seemingly impossible one: they’ll need to beat the currently undefeated Misfits as well as GamersOrigin. 123 then needs to win both of their games against GO and C9. With GO down to 2-5, they’re knocked out. C9 losing both of their games allows eUnited to match their record and Singularity’s record as well (since C9 and Singularity are playing each other this week), but eUnited would win the tiebreaker with 13 map wins at the very least.

Bazooka Puppiez is already sent home

Unfortunately, all of this is bad news to Bazooka Puppiez, who is the only team out of contention entirely. They failed to win a single match throughout regular play and only won three maps total. Even if they do win against already-locked-in Giganti, it won’t overly make a difference in the standings.

Looking forward

It’s interesting to note that the most under-represented region in the Overwatch League is the most interesting and most competitive in Contenders. Though C9 will come out of this as winners either way – they’ll either make it to the playoffs or know what to improve on while preparing for the Overwatch League – the region in general won’t have much stronger competition than what we’re seeing here thanks to that lack of representation. Though that might change come OWL Season 2 – and possibly a Contenders Season 2? – what European fans can be happy about short-term is that Contenders Season 1 EU is one of the most energetic playoff bids in a while with the most potential for upsets.