Overwatch Contenders EU S1 – Team of the Tournament

September 28th

overwatch contenders team of the tournament EU

We have finally reached the end of the group stage of Overwatch Contenders Season 1. Over the entire season, here at Winston’s lab, we have recorded the statistics for every player in every game played. This article will look at these to find the players which have consistently performed to a high level and have reached a rating greater than all other players in their particular role in order to form a ‘Team of the Tournament’.


It will come to no surprise that Logix is the highest performing Tracer player in the tournament, in fact Logix has the highest rating of any player in either region of contenders with 1346. It didn’t take long for Logix to show his star potential with a frightening performance against Cloud9 EU in the first match. Which still stands as his best performance under Misfits (1674). One key to Logix’s performance is that he is difficult to kill which, considering that he spends his time in the opposition’s back line is impressive at 4.8 deaths/10mins. This seems to not just be the key to his success but is also pivotal to the success of the team. The match against Gamers Origin was Misfits closest series at 3-2, during which GamersOrigin did a good job at shutting Logix down, forcing 44 deaths out of him and causing him to have his lowest rating in a Misfits jersey (1125) – his only rating below the top 25% threshold. Furthermore, being alive longer, damaging players and eliminating the backline leads Logix to have a high amount of pulse bombs as well as the highest kills per pulse bomb amongst the EU Tracers (providing that they have played 1hr of Tracer throughout the season)

Tracers KPU EU


For the flex DPS role Team Gigantti’s LinkZr is the highest rated at (1136). What is probably most impressive about LinkZr performance throughout the season has been his flexibility, having played 8 characters. It is this flexibility that allowed Gigantti to often run situation specific compositions, such as Widowmaker on first point Gibraltar attack, making the team more difficult to develop strategies against. Most importantly, LinkZr is extremely good with his ultimate usage, having the highest kills per ultimate of any player throughout EU contenders (0.758) as well as the highest ultimate efficiency of any DPS player (17.03).



Despite having been a main tank player for a short amount of time, CWoosH is the highest rated main tank. However,  he is not yet a statistically impactful tank player. With a fairly neutral first kill differential, CWoosH can be considered a more defensive tank player. Furthering this his low PTK at 14.5% also suggests a lesser impact. This is not necessarily a negative thing, as a team such as Misfits with it’s highly impactful DPS players CWoosH is not required to get as many kills. When Misfits move to playing in the playoffs and OWL it may become more important for CWoosH to make a greater impact as traditionally DPS heavy teams can struggle – see PTK model for more information


In the off-tank role, Manneten was by far the highest rated player. In the current professional meta, played before the D.Va change, having a good off-tank player is key. More specifically, the careful management of the defence matrix enables D.Va’s players to protect the backline, enhance the frontline and hard counter many ultimate abilities. It is therefore important to note that Manneten, in having the lowest death/10mins and lowest first death percentage of any player in EU contenders, was consistently able to perform these vital D.Va tasks, driving his team to win 63.76% of all fights when he was on D.Va.

I’d also like to shout out Poko for a series of impressive performances on Zarya. With a rating of 1282, his Zarya was the third highest player-hero combination. Which becomes even more impressive when you consider his team’s 3-4 record.

Percentage of First deaths EU


For our flex support, it is once again a Misfits player, ZuppehW. ZuppehW is a consistent feature of Misfits success, statistically, he makes up an impressive proportion of his team’s eliminations at 8.5%. One outstanding feature of his play is his Sombra, an increasingly necessary skill for flex support players. Whilst ZuppehW was on Sombra, Misfits won 81.25% of team fights and 100% of the overall matches. Indicating that not only is ZuppehW a good Sombra but that Misfits is a team well suited to playing around the Sombra that he offers.


BigGoose is a player with reasonably impressive statistics and a high score but, as Barroi suggests in his most recent article, we must not read too deeply into the stats of Lucio players as the key skill for a Lucio is shot calling. In fact, his UOOF statistic which can be construed as the most important Lucio statistic is sitting at 10.89% which is over double that of Zebbosai and the worst out of all main Lucio’s. However, this does not mean that BigG00se did not perform well as his team made an impressive run to get second in EU Contenders. They played consistently every week, beating teams which are arguably better on paper. So if BigG00se is a key part of his teams shot calling then he is deserving of his spot in this team of the tournament.

Lucio Stats EU



Altogether, this team reflects Misfits’ dominance in EU, with four out of the six players being from Misfits. This is a more lighthearted analysis as the rating statistic incorporates every aspect including win rate, therefore, as Misfits won every single match, this inflated their player’s ratings. Not to take away from their individual performances but these ratings, as with all statistics, should be taken within context and with a pinch of salt.


I'm better at watching Overwatch than I am at playing it. So I thought I'd try writing about it. Most of my writing is based on my opinion/interpretation so feel free to disagree with me.