The Best, the Worst and the Unlucky – Contenders S1 Map Records

October 06th
written by Karahol

Check out the teams with the most dominant performance throughout S1 map-wise before the season finals this weekend!

The round robin of Contenders S1 has ended with each team having played 7 games. A total of 56 games were played in both EU and NA with a total of 230 maps played. More analytically: 62 Control maps, 56 Hybrid, 56 Assault & 56 Escort. Below I present you the best & worst records on a game mode basis and afterwards I have collected the best performances on the most played maps in the tournament. For the finale, I have reserved one funny stat about an unlucky team.

Let’s begin!


100% domination

Only two teams in Contenders S1 so far have managed to beat all of their opponents on a game mode. Τhe two teams standing at the top are Misfits and Team EnvyUs. Both of them have 100% winrate on Control game mode, but Misfits has 100% winrate on Hybrid, as well. For Team EnvyUs, a tie against Rogue soiled their perfect record.

100% domination


100% devastation

Out of all teams, 3 ended their run in S1 without a single win on one game mode. Renegades from NA and Bazooka Puppiez from EU never managed to get a win on the Hybrid game mode. The Puppiez had a score of 6 losses on King’s Row and 1 loss on Numbani, while Renegades had 4 losses on King’s Row and 3 losses on Numbani.

eUnited, on the other hand, never managed to get a win on a Control map. They played 2 times on Nepal, 2 times on Oasis and 3 on Lijiang Tower without ever getting a win. Even against Bazooka Puppiez, who finished last.

100% devastation


The Draw Masters

Assault maps are always a tough nut to crack and they are still the game mode where most teams can reach a tie if they mess things up. However, only two teams in these tournaments managed to tie twice on this game mode: Faze Clan and eUnited.

Faze not only managed to tie twice on Assault, but they also are the single team in Contenders S1 to have reached a tie on both maps available, Hanamura & Volskaya Industries.

eUnited, on the other hand, managed to tie twice on the same map, Volskaya Industries, since it was the only map they played as Assault.

draw masters


The Lords of King’s Row and Numbani

King’s Row was the most played Hybrid map in Contenders (12 times played), with Numbani a close second (11 times played) in both regions. The best record was achieved by Misfits, for EU, with 4 wins and 0 losses, while in NA Team EnvyUs and Faze Clan had the same score on the map, 3 wins and 0 losses.

On Numbani, Rogue had the best score for NA, with 4 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie, while for EU, Team Gigantti and Misfits were tied, with 2 wins each and 0 losses.

best score king's row


Assault’s Best

In the Assault category, given the fewer choices (2 maps instead of 3), most teams preferred Volskaya Industries than Hanamura. In NA, teams selected Volskaya 17 times and Hanamura 11, while in EU teams selected Volskaya and Hanamura equal times, 14 each.

For EU, the best Hanamura team was decided when 123 beat GamersOrigin, who had beat Misfits on that map before. With a score of 4 wins and 1 loss, they are S1′s best Hanamura team in EU. For NA, Immortals ended the season undefeated on the map, with 3 wins. Their Volskaya map was terrible, in comparison, with 4 losses.

On Volskaya, the best team for EU was Misfits, with a score of 4 wins and 0 losses on the map, while for NA it was Team EnvyUS with the same exact score.

best score hanamura


Escort’s Leaders

For Escort, teams in both regions preferred hands-down Gibraltar over Dorado. NA teams picked Gibraltar 21 times and Dorado only 7, while EU teams picked Gibraltar 19 times and Dorado 9.

In EU, the team that has the perfect record for Watchpoint: Gibraltar is Misfits with 3 wins – 0 losses score, but Team Gigantti is the one that managed the most wins, 4, on the map together with a loss. It’s really hard to tell who is the best since the map they played in their between match was Dorado.

For NA, the best record on Watchpoint: Gibraltar surprisingly holds Envision. 4 wins and 1 loss.

best score gibraltar

The Unlucky

And for the end I reserved a funny stat. Since the first game mode, Control, is randomized and is entirely up to Blizzard to decide the map, there was one unlucky team in the tournament that had to play the same Control map 6 times out of 7, randomly selected.

Bazooka Puppiez had to play Oasis 6 out of 7 times in the tournament. No other team comes even close to such one-sided experience on Control.