The All-Star TDM is good! A second “Atlantic Showdown” would be better!

October 07th
written by Karahol

The voting for the all-star team deathmatch (TDM) between North America and Europe, after the finals of Contenders S1 on Sunday, has now officially begun. Everyone with an Overwatch account can login and vote the players that will represent each region in this glorious team deathmatch. Voting ends at 11:59pm Saturday, October 7th (probably PDT, because it’s not stated) and one can change his votes as many times as he wishes before the voting closes.

team deathmatch showmatch

Among the options available, one will notice that some of coaches’ names are in there. KyKy, iuKeEe, NamedHwi and Mineral are some of the non-players, with a big surprise coming from the options listed under FNRGFE that include Enigma, who played with the team during the qualification phase of Season 0 but afterwards stepped down. He also was a member of the old NRG roster with Seagull. One more surprise is that Nomy can potentially, if voted, represent Europe in this match, although he was brought on Team 123 as an emergency replacement of Tonic, due to the latter having visa issues.

Still, this TDM, despite being a good form of entertainment and community engagement, since Blizzard gives us the option to assemble the rosters, doesn’t come anywhere near close an Atlantic Showdown, a match between the champions of North America and Europe.

It’s true that right now that’s not possible because of the way the tournament is organised, because they wanted all matches to be played in 2 days and they have 4 matches on Saturday (Bo5s) and 2 matches on Sunday (Bo7s), meaning that the show will drag too long if they were to add another Bo7 in the mix on Sunday afterwards. However, there is no way to describe how awesome it would be to have an exhibition match between the two champions, with the winner taking home the glory of being the best in both regions.


If Misfits and Team EnvyUs manage to stay on top of their region, it will be another rematch between two finalists in a previous tournament in the Overwatch professional scene. This time it will be the rematch from the Overwatch Open, a tournament that had over 70k viewers in the finals and was broadcasted on TV, on TBS. In that tournament Team EnvyUs had dominated their competition in North America, as they do now in Contenders S1, but in the Grand Finals they were crushed by Misfits, a team that had one of the closest and most hype-inducing matches in the history of Overwatch in the regional finals, taking down Rogue, the best team in the West at that time, while playing with two substitutions. This time around both teams have changed pieces on their rosters, although Team EnvyUs have kept their core of 4, and their rematch will be hands-down a clash of the titans.

Despite this storyline, though, because upsets can happen and it’s only applicable to one of the possible outcomes, since Blizzard decided to have both regions battling it out in one venue, in one place, this match should have been scheduled from the start. The reason is that regions form their own playstyles and one of the most interesting things to see for an audience is such a clash of styles and which one is superior. This is something that partially will be lost during OWL Season 1 because all teams will be staying in Los Angeles and teams from Europe and Asia won’t have much interaction with their regions, so as to get to have a much different style than the rest. Styles are formed by the opposition teams face and if OWL rosters scrim against each other or the same teams outside OWL, it won’t really help them create so distinct styles.


All in all, viewers will never say no to more showdowns and clashes between the best teams. It’s the one thing everyone awaits and during those times viewership skyrockets. The games are imprinted on peoples’ memories and any grand play is immortalized, since these events are scarce throughout the year. Back to the TDM event, I chose a TF2 theme, picking players with a history in that game for both sides. I am pretty sure you can figure out which ones I got.