Lunatic-Hai loses First Place after 27 Weeks of Dominance

October 10th
written by Barroi

For the last 27 weeks the Team Rankings have been dominated by a single team, Lunatic-Hai. Since they set a record for rating on August 13th (with 76.43) LH’s rating has been on a constant decline. And after dropping below 65 two weeks ago, the Koreans now finally lost the first place.
picksAfter the spot was monopolized for half a year, the team to take it for now was RunAway. No team is really standing out, though. With the APEX playoffs coming to an end soon as well as APAC Premier coming up we are likely to see some more new faces at the top.picks

With last weeks matches, especially the playoffs of Contenders Season 1, there was a lot of movement in the lower parts of the Top10 as well. Lunatic-Hai wasn’t just overtaken by RunAway, we also have new 2nd and 3rd places in Miraculous Youngsters and Team EnVyUs. Gigantti, who won Contenders EU moved up 5 places to get into the Top 10 for the first time and sits on 6th place for now. Their opponents from the final, Misfits, is a new team in the Top 25, after being thrown out for a bunch of roster changes. They came in extremely strong in 11th place.picks

Just below Gigantti, on 12th place we now see FaZe Clan and the 13th best team in the World according to those automated rankings is Ardeont, who did not drop a match in OPC Season 2 and won both of their playoff games 4-0 to take the Season 2 title.

On Tuesday we will see a probably very impactful game between Cloud9 KongDoo and GC Busan, 5th place versus 7th place. Busan made it out of Quarters by beating LH 3-0 twice, so if KongDoo can win against them they are probably the favorite to take the title and take hold of the first place in the Team Ranking. This upcoming week will also host the second semifinal of APEX and the Seoul Cup, another chance for China to show that they should not be underestimated.picks2


Barroi is the founder of Winston's Lab. He is coder, journalist and statistician at once.