Guess the Flag [OWL Edition]

October 12th
written by Karahol

With a short tweet with flags arranged in a line, an underscore and a question mark, the coach of the OWL team Dallas Fuel, Kyle “KyKy” Souder, hinted that a new member will join the team and tempted his fans to guess his nationality. Before we discuss the new addition to the team, let’s take a moment and think about the premises of the tweet.

First of all, the way he formed his tweet indicates that the player will be of a different nationality than the ones already on the team. Keep in mind that the Swedish flag represents both Cocco and Chipshajen, arguably a great pair that makes mother Sweden proud. So, the new player can’t have the same nationality as another player on the team, one would assume.

Apart from the Swedes we talked about, the other members are Taimou from Finland, HarryHook from Spain, Mickie from Thailand, Effect from South Korea and Seagull from USA. Seagull is the only American on this international roster as a player (since their coach, KyKy, is American too) representing an NA org and he is a recent addition. The last American player on the roster before Seagull was Talespin that left the team almost a year ago, after Blizzcon.

The roster of Dallas Fuel has a history of leveling up with every new addition or replacement they make. The first one was Mickie for Talespin and it led to them securing the APEX S1 and MLG Vegas trophies. Then, when things went downhill, they dropped INTERNETHULK and, at first, got Lui that soon they replaced with Effect, a South Korean, who was warming the bench of Meta Athena, a team that took everyone by surprise during APEX S2. With Effect on the roster, they managed to reach the semifinals of APEX S3 and now win Contenders S1, looking stronger than ever. Seagull is definitely a long-term upgrade and he already showcased what he brings to the team by playing Pharah exceptionally and even helping creating new strategies. The Bastion strategy that they used on Route 66 against Faze Clan in the finals was partially his invention.

KyKy has also stated on the Ultimate Advantage podcast that most teams will field around 8-9 players for the first season of the Overwatch League and not all will try to fill all 12 available spots. Following his logic, we can exclude players that would be signed just for being a backup in case someone else has an injury or an illness and can’t participate. At the same time, looking at the roster of Dallas Fuel, they have 2 DPS players (Taimou & Effect), 2 Tank players (Cocco & Mickie), 2 Support players (HarryHook & Chipshajen) and 1 Flex player with expertise in projectile heroes (Seagull). [You can find all their stats from the tournament in this page of WinstonsLab’s.]


They don’t seem like they are lacking in some area despite not knowing how the metas will evolve moving towards OWL, but I believe another Flex player in the Tank department could potentially help them to run some triple tank compositions down the line if needed. Others suggested that they still need a Genji main, allowing Seagull to focus even further on heroes like Hanzo, Junkrat & Pharah, so there is this possibility too.

Whomever the team picks, though,Team EnvyUs has cemented themselves as the most versatile team in the West already, playing a huge variety of compositions and always finding success with them.