The Fleta Deadlift: A DPS hard-carry finally set free

October 14th
written by Yiska

With the announcement that Flash Lux’ DPS player Fleta will leave the team and is probably moving towards OWL, one of the most heart-breaking story-lines finally comes to an end. Those who have followed it should breathe a sigh of relief. Fleta was the sole reason Flash Lux had any hope of winning an APEX regular season match and indeed we have to go an entire year back, to their match against Rhino’s Gaming Titan to their last win in group stage where they eked out a close 3-2.

Time and time again he would make maps and fights at least competitive, stretching the concept of a carry we have in Overwatch. Especially his efficiency with his ultimates and his outrageous ratio of Kills per Ultimate (0.952 on Pharah and 0.815 on Genji) on several picks would often turn fights around. An exercise in futility, as most often his team in the very next fight would stumble over themselves, make basic mistakes of fundamental Overwatch and throw away positional and ultimate advantages by the dozens. Fleta in the process would smash statistical barriers we didn’t think were breakable.

Heavy lifting

Just how much was Fleta carrying these games? We here at Winston’s Lab have stat called Percentage of a Teams Kills (in short: PTK). That is, the percentage off all kills that showed up in the kill feed of any given player.

For DPS players, usually those you would consider carry DPS sit at around 25-30% of their team’s kills. Someone like Effect with his incredible hard carry performance throughout Contenders Season 1 NA was at 31.9% of his teams kills, Lord Logix at 28.8%.

For Fleta, his career average PTK on Pharah is at 32.7%, his Tracer at 34,7% and his Genji at a staggering 35.1% of his team’s kills. Most notably, his kills per minute isn’t that far below carries who usually win a significant amount of fights and maps more than him. This man’s team is heavy, but yet there have been performances that are unprecedented in professional Overwatch. Introducing “the Fleta Deadlift”.


The Fleta Deadlift

When scanning all recorded games on Winston’s Lab, filtering them for 10 minutes of play and ordering them by PTK (and I don’t recommend doing this as it will take an hour or so), only two of the hundreds of games we have in our database have a player with a PTK higher than 50%. Take a second and just try to wrap your head around that: One player, in a team of six, in the game of Overwatch, in a professional LAN match, got more than half of his teams kills. 

Both of those games that shattered this benchmark are from one player. You guess it right, among the dead men walking, it is Fleta.


Lifting the dead weight that was his team, his herculean effort was only rewarded against Afreeca Freecs Red and he, granted together with Veil, saved them from relegation.

However, especially the match against MVP Space in APEX season 3 should be a record for the ages and I hope to never see a soul as tormented as Fleta was back then.63e34d7751c9d878e2761b0a1dd675cc

Over 25 minutes, on both Genji and Tracer he was north the Deadlift benchmark at 54.3% and 53.8% respectively. When the match was over and Flash Lux let go of his back, the rest of his team’s combined scored counted 34 kills, Fleta was at 36.


I hope to see Fleta in a more talent stacked team. Over three seasons he has demonstrated that despite little help, he was able to match the greats. If he was to join an Overwatch League team, it will be quite interesting to see what he will be able to do, this time a living and breathing roster behind him.