Will Blizzard and Philadelphia Boost Sado to Player Status?

November 10th
written by Karahol


One more big issue that emerged last week, during the announcements of the OWL rosters that came out en masse, had to do with the signing of a “booster” from South Korea, Su-Min “Sado” Kim, by Philadelphia Fusion. Booster, for anyone who is out of the loop, is considered someone who boosts another’s account to a higher rank that the one he can achieve himself in exchange for money, which is considered illegal and against Blizzard’s rules. Sado has been confirmed to be a booster by a number of prominent South Korean figures (players, coaches etc).

As per Runner’s comments on his streams this week discussing offers he received from the OWL teams, Sado will be dropped and won’t be in the league. The team deleted the OWL roster video that featured him, but hasn’t deleted the tweets announcing him and his name is still on the official site of the league, when one is browsing through the teams’ rosters.

Allowing a booster to be signed by an OWL team is a big hit for the South Korean community, since it added -although temporarily- more fuel to the already riddled with problems scene. Many players, including Fissure who addressed the booster issue on twitter, have expressed their concerns and frustration about the way Blizzard handles toxicity and throwers in the ranked environment and how the experience there has been a lot worse recently. Blizzard, or the Overwatch League team precisely, needs to address and resolve this issue fast, because the date for the pre-season exhibition matches approaches quickly. This includes updating their site.

Excluding that one bad egg, the rest of the Fusion roster looks very promising. The team acquired 3 out of 6 members of the Faze Clan’s Contenders S1 roster, including one of their coaches. Shadowburn and Carpe, one of the very best DPS duos in the North American side of the Contenders S1, have stuck together and alongside Joemeister‘s in-game leading, they will look to terrorize their opponents again. I still remember an excellent trap they set up for Effect on Route 66, third point. Their synergy is top notch.

Snillo is a solid addition to the roster. He previously played with 123 as their Tracer and hitscan player, delivering stunning performances. He also replaced Reinforce on Team Sweden in the playoffs of the Overwatch World Cup of 2017, where he earned the bronze medal. Eqo, the last of the DPS line, has represented his country, Israel, in the Overwatch World Cup this year but apart from that, he never competed in top competitions. I am curious to see what his skill level really is, if the coaches of the team decided he deserves a spot.

In the Tank department, the team has Fragi, Contenders S1 EU Champion with Team Gigantti and one of the longest standing Tanks in the Overwatch scene competing at the top. Hotba was part of LW Red for S4 of APEX and APEX Challengers and he was their Off-tank player (D.Va mostly and some Zarya). He is an interesting acquisition, because his old team was one of the two in that tournament that delivered a loss to the eventual Champions and best team in the World pre-OWL, GC Busan. Poko, another off-tank player, was rocking the colors of Gamers Origin before. He is a great player and his results with the team are a testimony to this. In Contenders S1 EU, his team came 5th, but they were the only to take two maps out of Misfits during the regular season.

Last but not least, the supports are another combination of very prominent players from West and East; Neptuno and Boombox from EU, Dayfly from Korea and Joemeister from North America. Neptuno and Boombox are probably no-brainers for everyone who had followed the European scene in the last few months, since the latter had massive performances while on eUnited, and especially during the TakeOver2 tournament, while the former was part of Movistar Riders, a very dominant roster till they disbanded, and when he joined Cloud9’s Contenders roster, they managed to get to the playoffs and almost upset Misfits. The Korean of the group, Dayfly, is yet another interesting choice and I feel it was NamedHwi behind this. He played with Afreeca Freecs Blue in the beginning of his career, but once he was out of the roster, he never joined another top roster. Joemeister probably needs no introduction and everyone know his run with Complexity and afterwards with the Faze Clan roster, as I mentioned above.

In conclusion, I feel that this roster has been assembled somewhat by all coaches bringing in players they deem great and all the Korean choices were made by NamedHwi. The Faze Clan core will probably be the starting one and they have many tools to work with. I am not sure how the dynamics within the team and the coaching staff will unfold, but I think this roster has a lot of potential, excluding Sado.