Don’t Be a Tease Blizzard with Demos and Overhead View Spectating

November 11th
written by Eden

tempThe improvements for Overwatch’s viewability displayed at the OWWC were dwarfed by the potential for analysis of the competitive game. These are as follows: the technical capability to produce demos and the overhead view, which solves elegantly the problem of a three dimensional game with dynamic hero icon sizes. With an API to the full range of statistics, we will have at our disposal all of the core ingredients for deep analysis.

Blizzard has stated publicly that the features are primarily for observers and casters. There is a key constituency left off this list, which is the amateur Overwatch analyst. Restricting tools required to analyze the game with acceptable clarity can accomplish the goal of protecting Blizzard production and those affiliated as the premier source of content around the professional scene, but may shut out important insights and up-coming talent.

There are two recommendations I have for the official Blizzard broadcasts and 3rd party events. First, demos should be released quickly to allow for content creators and analysts to make timely content. You will be amazed by what the community is able to do with this tool and how much excitement it will generate in the esport.

Secondly, there should be some way to always be viewing the Overhead perspective during the live broadcast. While demos provide this option, you don’t want serious viewers of the game to have to wait for demos to come to independent assessment of a game and therefore have to choose between enjoying the live broadcast and studying the game with their limited time to dedicate to Overwatch.