One Thing Missing from the Overwatch League Site: Coaches!

November 21st
written by Karahol

GC Busan (1)

The names of the coaches (head and assistant) and analysts for the OWL teams are still missing from the Overwatch League site.

One can find a lot information regarding the players, like their handles, their full names, their hometowns and their role but there is currently none available for the teams’ coaches or analysts. I certainly don’t expect for them to be promoted to the same degree as the players, who are the focal point and the face of the League, but some more information about the people who put together these rosters is needed and would provide some great context for anyone that tries to understand a team’s strength.

Liquipedia, however, provides this info and with the recent announcement of one of the coaches of GC Busan getting signed by Seoul Dynasty, I decided to gather all the information regarding the staff and the coaches in one piece.

Boston Uprising

Head Coach of the Uprising team is Da-hee “Crusty” Park, Korean, said to have helped with coaching NC Foxes during APEX Season 4. The team entered the league through the challengers tournament and managed to reach all the way to the semifinals and eventually get the 4th spot.

His assistant coaches are Jackson “Shake” Kaplan and Rollon “Mini” Hamelin. The former was a player for Complexity Gaming and afterwards for Counter Logic Gaming, while the latter was previously the coach of the Luminosity Gaming Evil Roster and before that a player for Tempo Storm.

The team’s analyst is Mohid “MrBleeple” Asjid, ex-captain/Main Tank for UofT Lowlives, as it is stated on his twitter account.


Dallas Fuel

The head coach of Dallas Fuel is known to pretty much everyone. Former Cloud9 player, coach of Team Enyus from APEX S2 onwards and coach of Team USA 2017, Kyle “Kyky” Souder, needs no lengthy introduction. His results with the NV roster speak volumes.

From Mike “Hastr0” Rufail’s AMA on Reddit,  we also learned that the team signed Emanuel “Peak” Uzoni. Peak had been with Misfits during APEX Season 2, which ended pretty fast for the team and afterwards he was seen coaching Arc6 for Beat Invitational – Season 2, according to Liquipedia. He has published many videos breaking down matches from Contenders S1.


Houston Outlaws

Matt “flame” Rodriguez decided to pick Tae-yeong “TaiRong” Kim as the head coach of the team. TaiRong has been known as the coach of team Afreeca Freecs Blue (that was later renamed to Afreeca Freecs) in the Korean scene, as well as the coach and Lucio player for Team South Korea of 2016.

Assistant coach of the team, especially for the tank roles, was selected to be Adam “MESR” De La Torre, the Main Tank of Team Liquid for almost a year, before their disband. Heyon-woo “HeyonWoo” Kim is the second assistant coach. No information is known for him, but I suspect he worked previously with TaiRong on Afreeca Freecs.


London Spitfire

Beoum-jun “Bishop” Lee is the head coach of the Spitfires. His career started as a player for Team Kongdoo Panthera till the January of 2017 when he left to join Cloud9, the North American roster, as their coach. He couldn’t find much success with the North American roster and not sure how much he was involved with the Contenders one, but now he will have a full Korean roster to work with and it’s time to see what he can do with them.

His assistant coaches will be Chang-geun “Changgoon” Park and Jeong-min “Jfeel” Kim. The first is the coach of GC Busan that followed the roster, while the second was coach of the Kongdoo organisation for a long time, coaching all rosters (Uncia, Panthera and C9 Kongdoo).


Los Angeles Valiant

The coach of Immortals, Dong Wook “Ookz” Kim, will be coaching the organization’s OWL team alongside Henry “Cuddles” Coxall, who was previously coaching Counter Logic Gaming. Ookz started his career on Rhinos Gaming before going over to America to work with Immortals in June, 2017. The addition of Cuddles and the Rogue members are intended to help the team overcome the problems that faced during Contenders S1.

Joshua “dzMins” Kim remains the manager of the team, according to liquipedia.


Los Angeles Gladiators

Head coach of the Gladiators is David “Dpei” Pei. He had been coaching the Kungarna roster till the 15th of September, 2017, when he stepped down to pursue OWL opportunities, according to his twitter.

Timothy “Tim” Albanese is his assistant coach. The only known fact about him from his twitter and twitch profiles is that he managed to be ranked 16th in the fourth season of competitive play in Overwatch. It doesn’t seem that he had previous coaching experiences.


Florida Mayhem

The only staff member and head coach for the inaugural season of Overwatch League for Florida Mayhem is Vytis “Mineral” Lasaitis. Mineral transitioned from player to coach after Contenders Season 0. He previously played on Luminosity Gaming Loyal and for a brief period on Misfits, before he moved to coaching them for Contenders Season 1.

No analyst or assistant coach has been announced as of yet.


New York Excelsior

All coaching staff for the New York franchise was part of LuxuryWatch previously. Hyeong-seok “WizardHyeong” Kim and Hyeon-sang “Pavane” Yu are the coaches, while Andrew “Andrew” Kim will be assisting them as Assistant Coach.

Pavane has been with the LW Blue roster since the August of 2016, according to Liquipedia, while WizardHeyong joined in June of 2017. Andrew states on his twitter account that he was an analyst for LW Blue & Red and former analyst/translator for Selfless and NRG.


Philadelphia Fusion

The Fusion team got themselves a very promising assembly of coaches. Yann “Kirby” Luu is the head coach, with Se-Hwi “NamedHwi” Go and Elliot “Hayes” Hayes as assistant coaches. Ethan “Beezy” Spector will be working as the analyst of the team.

Kirby was the coach of Hammer Esports’s 3rd Overwatch squad, with Fischer, Snizzlenose, ChriTfer, tomzeY, Shaz and Nesh. That team had a very solid run in the European scene before moving to North America to compete there, but it didn’t last long since they didn’t manage to qualify for Contenders S1. He briefly also coached 123 during Contenders S1, before getting singed by Philadelphia’s OWL team.

NamedHwi started his career with BK Stars; Carpe was on that team. He stayed with the team for APEX Seasons 2-3 but they never managed to get out of the groups. Next stop in his career was the Laser Kittenz roster during Contenders Season 0. The team managed to reach the semifinals of that event, losing to the eventual winners, eUnited. In Contenders Season 1 he coached the Faze Clan roster, reunited with Carpe and managed to come 2nd in the whole tournament.

Hayez was the coach of the eUnited roster, formerly Reunited, from the October of 2016 till after Contenders S1. Both teams he coached were having periods of times that they were very dominant in their regions, although this never translated fully to LAN titles. He was also streaming his ranked games a lot in the past, playing consistently in the grandmaster/Top 500 level.

Not much is known for Beezy.


San Francisco Shock

Brad “Brad” Rajani, former co-owner of Selfless org, is now the head coach of the San Francisco Shock team. Most are familiar with the Selfless roster and their achievements throughout the first half of 2017. For a few months they were competing with Rogue for the top spot in NA.

Dillain “LegitRc” Odeneal  has been signed as an (assistant) coach. He was previously also working with Brad on Selfless for a long period, from January till early July, when the team disbanded. He then briefly coached the Cloud9 EU team during Contenders S1 and now is back with Brad on the Shock team.


Seoul Dynasty

The team that got to sign the Lunatic-Hai roster obviously signed their coaches, as well. Kwang-jin Baek is now the head coach of Team Seoul with Ho-jeong “alwaysoov” Chae on his side appointed as a coach. Together they got two APEX trophies with Lunatic-Hai alongside many other top finishes and accolades.

For their endeavors in the Overwatch League they will be joined by Yo-han “nuGget” Kim, who was previously coaching the MVP Space team until mid-September. Probably he was the one who brought Kuki on the team, since the latter was also playing for MVP Space.

And it was just recently announced that one of the coaches for GC Busan, Ho-cheol “Hocury” Lee will join forces with them to strengthen even more the Seoul team. This man is the one who helped devising strategies against Miro and Fissure during APEX S4 and helped get those crucial wins in the playoffs. A really solid addition.


Shanghai Dragons

The Chinese participant of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League will have Chen “u4” Congshan as head coach, Jun “Kong” Young Son as assistant coach and Jia “Nai8” Jia as analyst.

Their head coach’s, u4’s, previous endeavors in the scene were with the LGD Gaming roster, with which they started strong in the first season of Overwatch Premier Series but declined afteerwards.

Kong is according to the organization’s statement the ex-coach of Mighty Storm and Mighty AOD. These teams managed to have some good performances in the APEX Challengers seasons, but they never could tackle the top South Korean teams in APEX Seasons.

Finally, Nai8 has been a coach/analyst for various teams in the past according to his resume, posted on twitter by the Shanghai Dragons accounts. Teams that he worked with as analyst are: iG.Fire and Team CC. He was previously a professional Overwatch player himself for iG.Fire, before transitioning to the analyst role.



Featured image is courtesy of OGN