Next Nexus Cup Will Be Stacked! More Matches in December!

November 22nd
written by Karahol


Overwatch League pre-season exhibition matches won’t be the only ones that fans of the Overwatch esports will get to see in December.

The third event in 2017 for the Nexus Cup online tournament is in the works and is expected to start in two weeks. This competition is organised by Netease CC and there were two other events this year, in Spring and Summer. The Spring one was bigger in terms of teams participating, with 16 teams (13 Chinese and 3 Korean, although one of the Chinese orgs, wNv.KR fielded a full Korean roster which included Kalios, Curious and Bdosin), while the Summer one had only 8 teams (4 Chinese and 4 Korean).

Miraculous Youngster was the revelation of the Summer season tournament, after beating twice Runaway. Both matches were clean sweeps for the Chinese teams with 2-0 and 4-0 score, respectively. This was the moment that the Chinese roster rose to prominence, the number 1 team in China, and they made a statement that they could compete and beat Korean teams, at least in online matches. Because, when it came to LAN play, they failed to beat Seoul Dynasty, former Lunatic-Hai roster, and lost to Runaway, 4-1, in APAC Premier 2017.

For the next event, according to information provided by TISrobin311, 8 Korean teams will be participating and therefore we should expect a total of 16 contestants, like in Spring season; 8 Chinese and 8 Korean teams.

The 5 confirmed teams from the Korean side, alongside the suspected other 3 are:


The second roster of Lunatic-Hai’s is now the only remaining and includes the following members:  Whoru, DoHyeon, Guardian, Alarm, Nenne, YARG, Sowhat, iDK.



The “Numba 2” team in Korea, after three second spot finishes in 2017, but Number 1 in their fans’ hearts that will field a new player, as was teased by Runner. Their roster so far is: Haksal, Bumper, KoX, Stitch, TiZi, JJANU, KAISER.



This team came from Korea’s Open Division, securing the first spot and a ticket to APEX Challengers Season 5, where they came 2nd in the qualifiers and therefore we will be seeing them play in the OGN arena when APEX Season 5 begins. A thing to note is that they lost to Lunatic-Hai in the first round of Challengers, but they beat them afterwards 3-0 dropping matches to Element Mystic (who topped the second phase without dropping a game) and Bon’s Spirit Gaming. The members of the team are: TTuba, Bazzi, Shubil, Mika, eVo, Ukn0w.


Meta Athena

The team that looks to regain their former glory in this event and moving foward. One of their star players, Libero, has departed to play in the Overwatch League and the team has acquired Recry. It will be interesting to see if the team will field both him and Sayaplayer in matches, due to the fact that they are both excellent hitscan players. Their roster seems to be: Sayaplayer, Kris, Rio, NoName, aWesomeGuy, Hexa, SamSam and Recry.


RX Foxes

Known as NC Foxes during APEX Season 4, one of the four semifinalists and one of the teams that entered the tournament through the Challengers competition together with GC Busan. Their coach, Crusty, has joined Boston Uprising for OWL alongside Neko. The final roster as of this moment includes: Quinas, Adora, Need, Pumple, E1KiNo, SASIN and Hyeok.


Element Mystic

The team that beat Team South Korea in their in-between exhibition match and also the new Lunatic-Hai roster in Challengers Season 5 to enter APEX Season 5 as the top seed. Their players are: Guard, Sp9rk1e, Daco, Fearless, Rapel, Jecse.


The other 2 Korean teams are rumored to be MVP Space and the reformed Kongdoo Panthera.

All in all, this tournament will be stacked with the remaining Korean talent. Still waiting for the complete list of Chinese teams to be announced and will report on them, as well. In the previous events there was no English broadcast and it is expected again for this to be the case, but I urge anyone who enjoys good Overwatch to give it a shot. Maybe some aspiring casters could also use it as a proving ground.