OWL Pellets Challenge – Busan Beach Boys

December 02nd
written by Barroi

Since there is a lot of top-tier talent outside of Overwatch League at the moment I and 7 other writers decided to honor their skills by creating our own OWL teams and have them compete against each other (by vote). The OWL Pellets Challenge has similar rules as the Overwatch League: Players have to be 18 years old, you can have a maximum of 12 players on your roster and most importantly, you are only allowed to have players that are not in Overwatch League right now. To make the task of creating the best team outside of OWL less trivial, all RunAway players are banned for this challenge.

Blue like the sea, yellow like the sand and orange like the sun: The Busan Beach Boys.


Cho “Hyeonu” Hyeon-woo (Support – Mercy/Lucio)
Kim “Fuze” Tae Hoon (Support – Lucio/Mercy)
Lee “Twilight” Joo Seok (Support – Zen/Sombra/Ana – aggressive)
Kim “DNCE” Se-Yong (Flex – Flex-Support/Off-Tank)
Bong “Republic” Geun-chan (Tank – Winston/Rein – aggressive)
Gye “rOar” Chang-hoon (Tank – Winston/Rein – passive)
Song “SASIN” Sang-Hyeon (Flex – Off-Tank/Projectile DPS – aggressive)
Cheon “Ado” Ki-Hyun (DPS – Genji/Tracer – passive)
Ha Sayaplayer Jung Woo (DPS – Hitscan – aggressive)
Jeong “Recry” Taek-Hyun (DPS – Hitscan – passive)

Cho “Bubbly” Yoon-ho (Mascot)
Cho “yy0shi” Young Tae (Mascot)

When I started to think about this task, I first laid out a plan of how I want my roster to play. I have a certain philosophy of how Overwatch should be played and with that in mind, I particularly focused on the tendencies of every player and how to combine them to build an unstoppable team. I also came up with the team name with a certain theme in mind.

Moon Face Mascots

yy0shibubbly With Roadhog being the signature hero of this team, I recruited the ex-players best known for their smiles and cuddliness. The avid Roadhog cosplayers, the duo also known as the moon face mascots: Bubbly and yy0shi. With them cheering you on from the sidelines it doesn’t matter if you play with a Symmetra main or 5 DPS, simply looking at them will make you happy.

Those two combined with Recry make up the B-trifactor. The “Big Beach Balls” are the idols of Busan (occasionally seen wearing bikinis), every Korean Overwatch player worships them and aims to become a big beach recryball themselves one day. Similarly, my goal was to compose the Busan Beach Boys using as many players, who look like beach balls, as possible, but since those are a rarity I couldn’t find enough to form a full team and thus they will merely be our mascots/gods.

The Philosophy

The way I like to see the game played is by putting less focus on your DPS players than your tanks/supports. I want the tanks/supports to make plays, not the damage dealers and I think especially Western teams/fans do not like that philosophy. You see a lot of emphasis being put on DPS players, a lot of resources being used for them, even though, in my ideal world that would be the other way around.

The reason I want the DPS to stand in the backline and simply fire their shots without making any “big plays” is simple: Statistically speaking your team suffers most if one of your DPS heroes is the first one to die in a fight, it lowers your damage output and thus your chance to turn the fight in your favor drastically. In my ideal world, a team would play with a heavy front line of tanks while your Soldier stands somewhere very far back on some high-ground playing as safe as possible.

I conceptualize a Soldier playing that way as a “passive” player. He dies way less often than your average Soldier and mostly also gets slightly fewer kills. Harryhook is, in my opinion, the best passive Soldier in the game right now, to the extent that I think that Dallas could even compete with Seoul and London if they play with him in that role whenever possible.

On the other hand, if a player (and this goes for any role and any hero) focuses on getting tons of kills no matter what, I call his play-style “aggressive”. Those types of players get way more kills than average but also die slightly more often.

My ideal team of 6 players, has at maximum one aggressive DPS player while having at least 2 aggressive Tank/Support players. Again, the tanks/supports are the ones to make plays and the others just farm damage as safely as possible.

 The Team

With all of that in mind, I started to build my roster. And since Koreans are the master race, I quickly disregarded the West. My way of going about picking my players was to have a 6-man team for every composition I could think of.


The core I started to build the roster around is from MVP Space: Fuze and Ado. MVP was in the group of death in APEX S4, they beat Lunatic-Hai and were probably a top 6 team in that season. Since I find it hard to judge Lucios that was the main point for me picking Fuze.

Ado is a good example of a passive Genji/Tracer player, he had the least deaths out of any Genji in APAC 2017 while still getting a good amount of kills. He rarely tries to make plays on his own, always waits for backup.

Those two can be found in most of the compositions I want to run. For control-comps, for example, we add Recry the most passive Soldier in Korea, SASIN, rOar and Twilight. The idea is to let Twilight and SASIN be the annoying part of the team, the ones to get into the enemies face and get all their attention. The passive play-style from Recry and Ado allows them to quickly clean up diving enemy heroes, who try to get rid of that annoying part of the team.

In case we have to make up for lacking in firepower, the first choice in that situation is to swap out rOar for Republic. rOar has proven himself as a very proficient passive Winston and Reinhardt in LW Red, he knows when to engage and thus rarely is the first casualty in a team fight while also getting the first kill more often than most Winstons. Overall, he plays rather safe, not committing by himself if not absolutely necessary. Compared to him, Republic is a lot more aggressive. His attention lies in getting kills and he often abandons safe grounds to quench his bloodthirstiness. It is not uncommon to see him pick up more kills than his DPS players, making him an ideal fit if we lack firepower.


Running control-comps featuring the passive DPS style is what I prefer most, but it is not always possible. When a map doesn’t allow for this specific style to dominate, I won’t think twice about kicking Recry in favor of Sayaplayer.

The Meta Athena hitscan DPS is mostly known for his Tracer, but also unbelievably good at all the other hitscan characters. He comes in, whenever we feel in need of a star-DPS player, who won’t hesitate to charge into a battle head first. All in all, I would assume that he could see the light of play a bit more often than Recry. In my opinion, having Sayaplayer on the team is more valuable than having Recry in general, Recry is the perfect fit for my preferred team-comp, though.

Next up, what happens if Pharah-Mercy is an absolute necessity? In that case, we would swap out Ado and let SASIN play Pharah. SASIN is probably the best (not underage or in OWL) Pharah in Korea right now. Not many teams liked to play her in the past, but the Foxes and SASIN have had some respectable success with her. The flex player is an in-your-face player not only with D.Va but also with the flying Egyptian and thus should be teamed up with Recry, to not have too many DPS players go wild. An example of SASIN going ham:

For the Mercy part of this combo, we have Hyeonu. Not only is he the player for whom Mercy was the most played hero in APEX Season 4, but he also died the least with her (out of all 30min plus Mercys). He achieved all that, while his team, Meta Athena, did not necessarily have the most success last season. Fuze, who would warm the bench instead of Hyeonu, can also play Mercy, but on a lower level. On maps or against teams where a constant swapping of Mercy and Lucio is necessary, Fuze would be the one to do it, though.

At last, we would have to fill the now open Off-Tank position. This would be the job of DNCE. The Kongdoo Uncia player has lately switched to playing in the Flex-Support role, but before that, he also made a name for himself as an Off-Tank and DPS player. Primarily his job will be to be an alternative to Twilight, should he die by being out of position too often. DNCE is a slightly less aggressive version of Twilight, thus reducing the risk of one support being picked out over and over again, should an enemy team be particularly good at it. His secondary role is to jump in as the Off-Tank in case SASIN has to swap to Pharah, though.

That flexibility of SASIN and DNCE also makes them a great duo in general. On maps with a lot of different styles of terrain, a 6-man team featuring those two, would have the possibility of not only switching between tons of heroes, but most importantly switching between entire styles of team compositions: Single support + Triple Tank, Triple DPS + 1 Tank, Triple DPS + 2 Tanks, Triple Support, Quad DPS, etc.

Overall the Busan Beach Boys are a squad of players chosen to perform very specific tasks, without lacking individual flexibility. Each set of players is designed to solve certain problems and with all of those thoughts going into the selection process I am sure those 10 Koreans and their two mascots are part of a more thought-out project than some of the players in OWL. Thus I would expect them to easily beat a bunch of the rosters in Overwatch League Season 1.


Barroi is the founder of Winston's Lab. He is coder, journalist and statistician at once.