10 interesting statistics coming in from the Overwatch League Preseason

January 03rd
written by Volamel



With the genesis of the Overwatch League upon us within a few short days, Winston’s Lab has finally pull together their statistics from the Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason. Here are just a sample of some of the colorful and interesting statistics that have come up during the event.


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Disclaimer: Preseason stats are not for the faint of heart. Side effects may include; nausea, heartburn, swelling, loss of ego, increased appetite, fluctuating bank statements, indigestion, and death. Consult your doctor to see if Preseason stats are right for you.

Acronyms: PTK = Percentage of Team’s Kills. K/10 = Kills per 10 minutes. FK = First Kills of a teamfight. TTCU = Time To Charge Ultimate. Percentages in parentheses mean how much better/worse a player performed compared to the average player on that hero.


Sleepy and the San Francisco Shock lost 60% of their fights, but while playing Zenyatta, Sleepy still managed 15.7% (+35%) PTK, 5.64 (+30%) K/10, and 8.7% (+55%) FK! If San Francisco can refine their strategy down a bit more, they’ve got some serious firepower on this team – and it’s coming from all angles. What is a bit odd is that Sleepy’s TTCU is oddly low to average, coming in at 88 (-6%). It seems like he is finishing a lot of eliminations, rather than outputting a ton of damage. It will be interesting to compare Sleepy’s statistics from the beginning of the Season towards the end of Stage 4, but thus far he has been a standout player on San Francisco for my money.

— It should not surprise you that Seoul Dynasty’s Bunny has graced this article. Rounding out a great Preseason, Bunny racked up a 28.3% (+110%) FK with approximately 44 minutes on Tracer! Within his first few Overwatch League games, he seriously has become the spear of the Seoul Dynasty.

— Los Angeles Valiant and the London Spitfire’s sub-tanks Fury and Envy have both proven to be quite the interchangeable duo. Both Fury and Envy did well on D.Va, while Envy’s Roadhog separates the two. If you take into consideration while Envy was playing the Valiant lost more fights, on average, it makes his performance that much better. That being said, if both teams can harness that kind of potential in the right direction, these sub-tanks could become major factors in making their teams’ a contender for the playoffs.


OWL stats 1



— Another flex support to keep your eyes on is Shaz from Los Angeles Gladiators. 15.8% (+36%) PTK and 5.6 (+29%) K/10 round out a solid LAN performance from the Finn. Again, Shaz also follows this train of having a solid to above average performance, but only has a win rate of 44%. What are these stats going to look like when they win?

Diya from the Shanghai Dragon’s had a massive game on McCree, but alas the Dragon’s could never seem to keep the flame lit. However, Diya racked up a massive 34.7% (+36%) PTK, 11.55 (+14%) K/10, 6.93 (-17%) D/10, and 5.08 (-10%) Ults/10! Seeing how Shanghai’s other DPS star Undead was nowhere to be seen in the Preseason, I worry that Shanghai will be a bit too one dimensional when it comes to offensive threats. I don’t want to speak for Diya, but having this kind of consistent McCree performance is a bit of a stretch.


Tobi of Seoul Dynasty is incredible. On Lucio Tobi accumulated 12.3% (+86%) PTK, 5.37 (+130%) K/10, 3.96 (-44%) D/10, while also managing 4.8 (+33%) Ults/10 as well. He consistently is the iron clad backbone of one of the best teams in the world and the Preseason only reinforced this fact. Albeit unlikely, I wonder if a team could shake Tobi, could that spell disaster for the Seoul Dynasty?


Pine on New York Excelsior carved himself a large portion of his teams kills on two different heroes; Genji and Widowmaker. Don’t let the lack of bold green numbers fool you, specifically with his Genji statistics. His kills per ten minutes are well above the baseline and he still generates around 1.5x more ultimates on average. Pine might be known for his Widowmaker, and for good reason, but this could easily be the foreshadowing needed to drive home the moniker of “the flex god” that has been tossed around with Pine.


OWL stats 2


TviQ of the Florida Mayhem seemed to falter on Genji, as he only managed 4.26 (-53%) K/10 and 3.35 (-28%) Ults/10. From this we can somewhat glean that he wasn’t able to do to much damage for one reason or another. However, he did have a great performance on Junkrat, racking up 37.2% (+19%) PTK, 16.1 (+38%) K/10, and 71 (-3%) time to charge ultimate (TTCU). Contrasting TviQ’s Genji play, his Junkrat shelled the enemy and delt massive amounts of damage. The only thing I worry about with TviQ’s Junkrat is that he died first 19.4% (+45%) of the time, which is fairly high.


— People talk about the different styles of Genji all the time, but Rascal stats really show a great example of the “clean up” style of Genji. The star DPS player from the London Spitfires commanded 13.18 (+47%) K/10 and 20.7% (+93%) of the first kill in a fight but had an extremely low time to charge ultimate (TTCU) coming in at around 98 (+24%). From that, we can hypothesize that Rascal probably got most of his kills via Dash resets and overall scored most of his eliminations with Genji’s Dash. With the high amount of Zenyatta that was run by a majority of teams, London included, we can guess that the coordination between HagoPeun, London Spitfire’s flex support, and Rascal is quite well established. I’m willing to wager that Rascal has such a high first kill ratio because of the brilliant communication around Discord Orbed targets.


— If you watched the Preseason and tuned into San Francisco Shock’s games than you saw babybay put in some serious work. While the stats don’t necessarily mirror my praise, it’s more the potential I want to draw your eyes to. His Widowmaker and Pharah more specifically seemed to be the most potent. Is it possible that once Super and Sinatraa are added during the midseason will babybay be pushed onto these heroes more often than not? The jury is out on that one, but pulling off 34.4% (+58%) of your teams first kills is nothing to scoff at, that said neither is 10.03 (+35%) D/10 either.


OWL stats 3

OWL stats 4

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