Overwatch League Media Day: English Pride on the Line for Numlocked

January 10th
written by KHitt

When you are only one of two Englishmen playing in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League there is bound to be some pressure and the Los Angeles Valiant’s Sebastian “Numlocked” Barton is feeling it–and it motivates him.

“The Overwatch League is big for me as I am only one of two English players that actually made it into the league,” Numlocked said. “So I take great pride in that because there are a lot of good English players out there like we saw in the world cup.”

Numlocked joins Philadelphia Fusion’s Isaac “Boombox” Charles, who played on Great Britain’s World Cup team in 2017, as the only two players from England.

Moving on from the talk of national pride, Numlocked commented on how he felt about getting ready to play in the first match in the history Overwatch League.

“Its a big honor, you know, all eyes will be on us for the first game,” Numlocked said. “It’ll be the first game everyone is cheering at and everyone is going to be there.”

You can watch the entire interview with Numlocked above or at the Winston’s Lab YouTube Channel.