OWL Fantasy Update Week 2, Main ’em or Wane ’em

January 15th
written by Alex Chan
Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard
Photo Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard

It’s been a historic week for Overwatch Esports as Overwatch League got off to a hot start in week 1 and teams are going full throttle in some of the best gameplay we have ever seen. Here at Winston’s Lab we got to kick off Fantasy Overwatch for both 10-person leagues and weekly contests. Whether your first week was a win, a loss, or if you’re joining in during Week 2 of a weekly contest, here’s what to keep in mind for the upcoming week and beyond.

Winston’s Lab Scoring Review

  • +2 points for a Kill (Final Blow)
  • -1 point for a Death
  • +1 point for getting an Ultimate
  • +3 points for getting the First Kill in a teamfight
  • -2 points for suffering the First Death in a teamfight

1. DPS will carry your team. (Followed by Flex, Tank, and finally Support)
Looking at the top in scorers, these names shouldn’t surprise you. Fleta, So0n, Profit, Effect, and Taimou take the top five spots in points earned. If you watched any of their games this past week, these five were consistently shining throughout their maps.


The top five (except for Taimou) have a majority of their play from two of the three heroes: Genji, Tracer, and Widowmaker. All of these heroes excel at getting final blows through their kit or playstyle. Pair that with the players’ skill in tracking or getting dash resets and you have the ability to claim the majority of the killfeed. The one anomaly was Taimou, mostly running the Roadhog as his counterpart Effect took on the Tracer and Widowmaker duties.


Play any DPS without worry of going negative
Because the scoring rewards kills as two times the value of a death, you should have no worry playing any DPS in your lineup even if the player only comes out one map per series. A DPS player must have a really poor day in order to dip negative.
Be mindful of player time
While you can sort your roster or free agents by points per 10 minutes, you need to keep in mind when and how that player is being utilized. Pine was one of the big highlights of Week 1, and for good reason. His stellar performance on Widowmaker and McCree allowed him to win fights he had no business winning. However he only was used on Illios for both games – just 25% of games and resulting in the lower 25th percentile of total points of the DPS who played in Week 1.
Tips for DPS/Flex for Week 2:
Prioritize players on your roster which you think will be the main Tracer, Widowmaker or Genji player.
Track the usage of the player staying mindful of the map pool and meta. Are they using the player only on certain maps? As a hero specialist?
If you can, trade for Fleta. He is worth 3x of the following: Logix, TviQ, Silkthread, Munchkin, and Asher, etc. If you can get a trade for Fleta for 2 or less mid-tier flex or DPS, it is a steal.
2. Pick an aggressive tank, or one that can trade kills


FaTe, Bischu, Gesture, Meko, and Gamsu are top five because of they are able to at least trade kills themselves. All of these tanks play majority of the time on Winston and D.Va, which gives the ability to finalize kills. Stay away from Fragi and Roshan – the main tanks of the teams who are struggling the most. How often do you see a lost fight where the tank is the only one to escape? Often the tank + any other death is the signal of a lost fight and triggers disengagement.
Tips for Tanks in Week 2:
Make sure your tank can trade by securing a kill themselves
With Mercy’s time on a countdown and Junkrat’s concussion mine nerf, understand what you think teams will play around as an adjustment. This may make dive even more strong meaning that good Winston and D.Va players will be in huge demand.
Bischu never dies first, dies little in general, and gets the most points from first kills. Trade for Bischu or hold onto him tight.
3. Supports won’t make your team, but they could break it.


Remember that you must fill all roster slots, which means that the support role is a risky place. As you can see towards the end of the pack these supports simply don’t participate in kills. This means that Zenyatta players are at a premium as even if they only win 33% of their battles with flankers, they will break even, as opposed to being a Mercy player who does not contribute to final blows.
Tips for Supports in Week 2:
Trade for Zenyatta and Sombra players if you can. Supports who can get kills and/or charge ultimates quickly will be especially important moving forward.
If you believe that Moira is going to enter the meta even more, start thinking about getting those players as Moira’s kit lends itself to getting final blows.
Avoid supports with highly negative points per 10, even if they got more points the previous week (Take Kellex over Boink if they were the only choices).

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Photo courtesy of the Overwatch League / Blizzard Entertainment