Danteh on his old teammates and his love for flanking heroes

January 22nd
written by Barroi
Photo Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Photo Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

On the first day of week two San Francisco Shock lost 1-2 against Philadelphia Fusion. Shocks DPS player Dante “Danteh” Cruz, who has the most famous replacement of the league waiting to get 18, Sinatraa, was kind enough to answer my questions.

Barroi: You just had a very close match, was that something you expected going into the match?

Danteh: We expected it to be hard, we knew it wouldn’t be easy and it wasn’t easy.

Is there anything that surprised you in that match or in general, a player that stood out?

Danteh: ShaDowBurn was insane in that game, he did so much work. Everywhere he dashed he got a kill, I mean obviously his team is helping a lot, but you could just see him dash from here to there to over there, quickly crossing the map.

You were on Arc6 before you came to Shock and there are actually a lot of Arc6 players in OWL. Are there any rivalries that stem from your time in your old team?

Danteh: Yeah, kinda. Playing versus xQc is fun, I enjoy playing against him. Plus xQc and Custa are both on Dallas Fuel, so I guess that is kind of a good rivalry.

Do you have any insights on how those two play, anything that will help you in a match?

Danteh: Ah, I don’t know. xQc’s playstyle changed a lot, because after he played with us he played for Canada at the world cup and he changed his playstyle a good amount during that time.

A lot of Koreans said that the West is actually really good, so far they just dominated everyone else, though. Do you think that this total domination will continue?

Danteh: It’s hard to say, but maybe in a few months NA teams will start to catch up, but right now it’s pretty obvious they are dominant. I think the Korean teams are always easier in scrims, but when it’s match day they bring out some crazy stuff and play at 100%.

In Boston Uprising HuK is trying to discipline everybody. Your coaching staff seems to be a bit more hands off. Do you like that or would you rather have a coach acting like this math teacher that everybody fears?

Danteh: I don’t mind really. I had some soccer coaches that were really strict and some that were like our coaches. I think it just really depends on the players. If you want to slack and get off with slacking then you are not going to perform that well. If you are not going to take your practice time serious then it’s on you not the coaches.

You are basically playing for your job right now. Everyone is hyping up Sinatraa and he is supposed to be your replacement once he is old enough. How do you feel about all of that?

Danteh: Well, he is either coming in for me or Babybay, depends on how the season goes. I guess I kinda am playing for my job, so yeah it’s kind of pressuring. I feel like I just have to grind to hold my spot.

Are Sinatraa and Super already scrimming with you?

Danteh: Not yet, which is kinda bad, because we need to start building synergy with them soon. We have been scrimming with this roster for the last 3 months, so if they come in in 2 months, that’s 5 months without scrimming with us, which is really bad.

To end on a lighter note: You play a lot of Tracer, but sometimes other heroes as well. Do you like to play her or is there another hero that you would like to bring out more often?

Danteh: I like playing Genji a lot, and Sombra. I like all the flankers. Yeah I would really like to play Genji more, but it is just optimal to put me on Tracer right now. Oh well, and I guess off-tanks, off-tanks are fun.


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