Fragi gives an early OWL tier list, talks about Orisa and more

January 23rd
written by Barroi

FragiFusion lost against the Gladiators on day 2 of week 2 of Overwatch League. After a close 2-3 Joona “Fragi” Laine, team captain from Philadelphia was kind enough to still give an interview. The former Gigantti player is the main tank for Fusion.

Barroi: I don’t want to talk that much about this game, but just to get started: You started out really well, did you expect it to become that close?

Fragi: Yeah, I think we have a really close matchup against LA. I think we could’ve won if we had played our own game. We had a really good first two maps and not so great ones after that.

There are two Gigantti players on Gladiators, so coming into the game was there some kind of rivalry?

Fragi: Not really, we left on really good terms. Both Shaz and bigg00se are nice guys, so it’s more of a friendly rivalry. Of course both teams want to win.

If you could have a match Gigantti versus Fusion, who do you think would win?

Fragi: Hmm, that’s a hard call. I feel like with more time Fusion would win for sure, we have more talent. But in Gigantti we played together for so long, that we had great synergy. It would be a tough game, really close I think, right now at least.

Since you are the captain, are you also the one that creates strategies with your coaching staff? Are you the mastermind of the team?

Fragi: Not really, we have a lot of people from different teams and backgrounds. So we kind of all pitch in when it comes to strategies.

You play mostly Reinhardt and Winston, but I think you are rather known for your Reinhardt, do you prefer him over the monkey?

Fragi: I just play what I need to play and what’s good. With Reinhardt I know some really old tricks, so I can set up better than other Reinhardts. With Winston I’m not really anything special, I’m just doing a Winston’s job.

Are you trying to position yourself in a certain way if you play Reinhardt?

Fragi: It’s a lot about positioning, when to push forward when to push backward. I still have to get used to it in this meta, I’m a bit out of position sometimes with Rein, so I need some more practice.

One tank that came into the meta recently is Orisa. How and when do you think is Orisa the most effective?

Fragi: Right now she is better than Reinhardt in most situations, just because it’s so tough to play Rein against Junkrat+Mccree. Orisa can just kind of push forward and put a shield down. On open maps at least she is a lot better than Reinhardt. And if you have good static DPS like Junkrat, Widow, then you can play her instead of Winston.

I want to talk about your name, Fragi. Is there a story behind the name?

Fragi: Big story of course. It comes from frag, I was young, I learned the term frag. I was “Fraghunter” or something and then I just shortened it to “Fragi” at some point. It’s kind of a Finish thing to add an “i” to the end of a name.

Now that you have played two weeks of OWL. It’s obviously still super early, but if you could rank yourself, where would you put Fusion?

Fragi: So, we have a lot of synergy issues right now. Well ok, the Koreans are the obvious top 3 right now. Then we have Valiant. And the next tier would be Boston, Gladiators and us, we are kind of close to Valiant maybe slightly behind them. And then Houston, Dallas after that. So yeah I think we are top 7, top 6 right now.

Do you think that Boston could get onto that Valiant level?

Fragi: I don’t know, Valiant has an edge over a lot of teams. Simply because they played together for so long, they built a lot of synergy. That’s like there biggest pro, they focus really well on coordination and ult-economy. So they have a bit of an edge over teams with just skilled individuals right now.

Is there anyone that surprised you thus far. Any team or player that you didn’t expect to be that good?

Fragi: Maybe Valiant, I feel like LAV could have been hit or miss. They are a bit more “hit” right now. I guess Houston is surprising a bunch of people, especially with subbing out players. I think Linkzr and Jake are their two best DPS players. Dallas Fuel of course a bit of a flop at the moment.


Featured Image Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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