CWoosH on food in LA, when Orisa is good and why Koreans are scary

January 24th
written by Barroi

IMG_20180119_201659671Florida Mayhem won their first match against Shanghai Dragons on day 3 of week 2 of Overwatch League. After their victory I was joined by Johan “CWoosH” Klingestedt for a short interview and I brought him a special present.

Barroi: I know that you prefer teriyaki beef jerky, but unfortunately we only had normal beef jerky. Nevertheless, I brought you the very last one from the press room.

CWoosH: Ohh, nice. I have been looking for teriyaki ones, but there is nothing ever in the player lounge. Which is very unfortunate, but I appreciate the gift. Thank you thank you.

Has LA been treating you well so far, any other food you like?

CWoosH: There are a lot of different things. I have been trying a lot, but the thing I enjoy most right now is probably Ramen. We eat a lot of Ramen, TviQ always wants to eat Ramen. In the beginning I was kinda like “ugh Ramen, how good can it be” but then I was completely sold on it. So yeah Ramen is really good, I also like the burgers in the states they are completely amazing, it’s nuts.

Did you try Mexican food already?

CWoosH: Oh yeah, I tried Chipotle which was also really good. We had it at some Mexican place, but I can’t remember the name.

Everyone keeps telling me I have to try Korean BBQ. I never had it, but everyone says it’s really good. Did you ever try KBBQ?

CWoosH: I tried it when we were here for the World Cup. It was the first time for me as well, eating Korean BBQ. I had heard so many good things about it, everyone was hyping it up to be this amazing thing, but it ended up being okay, alright. It was good, but it didn’t blow my mind in any way, so make sure when you are going to eat it to not have too high expectations.

Ok, that’s good to know. So let’s actually talk about the game: You won against Shanghai. It’s the first game that you won and for some reason a lot of people think that you are a lower tier team, but you had a really tough schedule so far. Where would you rank yourself right now?

CWoosH: That is a tough question. I think we are doing really well right now. We have been ironing out our internal problems in terms of communication, which was our biggest flaw. I think if I had to rank us, I’d rank us somewhere in the middle right now. That said, anything can happen on stage and I think we can squeeze out a win against any team in the league.

Is there any team that is above you in your ranking, where it was kind of unexpected for them to be that good?

CWoosH: The easy answer is Boston. And that’s the one I have to go with as well. They are so amazing, they are really good. Their coordination with their frontline is really nuts.

Is there any player that surprised you, from Boston or any other team?

CWoosH: There are a lot of players that are a surprise to me. But if I had to pick one, I would say DreamKazper from Boston. He has been playing really really well. I haven’t heard of him that much before OWL began, I heard he is a good player, but to see him now on stage, in a live environment; He has been absolutely killing it out there.

You had the opportunity to play against Korean teams, which is a first for you, not considering the World Cup. Is there anything that felt different compared to playing against Western teams?

CWoosH: The Koreans are just so good at adapting and being on point with their coordination. Also, their ult management is something else, they know exactly what they need to use to win a fight. And they are really good at punishing mistakes. Their reaction to one move you make comes within a millisecond, they are really fast. It feels like they have a plan for every single thing that can happen in the game. The Koreans are just… they are scary, they are really scary, but they can be beaten.

Before you switched to the tank role you played DPS. Is there a chance that we will see CWoosH back on DPS soon?

CWoosH: I like to play DPS, but I also love playing tank. Right now I don’t see myself playing DPS. When I stream I might bring out the Genji every now and then, but in terms of playing for a team probably not. I am probably going to stick with tank, because that is the role I have been playing in the most recent tournaments. So if I’d get the opportunity I’d take it, but at the same time it’s a really hard thing. I think I will miss tank if I go back to DPS, tank is so fun for me. There is so much to learn, it’s a completely different play-style, you have to prioritize the team and not yourself. It just opened my mind for the game in general and how it’s supposed to be played. So I guess, no. If I had to make a decision now I wouldn’t go back to DPS.

One tank that recently came into the meta a bit is Orisa. When do you think is Orisa better than Reinhardt or even Winston?

CWoosH: Orisa is good if you have long range heroes and open space. Like on Eichenwalde first point, if you play Reinhardt into Orisa he will not be able to go up to her before his shield is broken. Unless they play some quad tank with Lucio speed boost maybe, but it’s good against like double tank. And if that double-tank has a Rein, the Rein is not gonna be able to do anything. And even if the Reinhardt gets close and tries to swing you can always “ball” [right click] him back. Orisa is just a pain for Reinhardt to play against, you have to try to get around her. You have to try to flank and use as little shield as possible. The main weakness of Orisa is the, as I said, the quad tank: You just run over the Orisa and she can’t do anything. But she’s really good with Roadhog especially, because you get that Halt into hook combo. Which is 100% of the time a free kill if the discord is there. So yeah it depends on the map, if it’s a long range map where you can spam a lot and have pick opportunities with halt+hook she is a really good pick. Another map is Anubis first point defense, when you have the Widow behind you shield and the enemies have to try to her out of there.

Overwatch League has this unique schedule where you have one mappool for each stage. Are you already preparing for stage 2, are you scrimming on stage 2 maps?

CWoosH: No, we just do it from match to match. We scrim only on maps for matches that are directly in front of us. We don’t look that far ahead, we just grind the maps that we are about to play, develop a strategy and feel good on them. There are so many maps in Overwatch and if you want to practice, say for a game you have in one month, you might forget something about the map that you have to play on stage in a week. To keep the memory fresh you just have to keep scrimming the same maps and make sure you are excellent on them.


Featured Image: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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