Sleepy on SFS’s similarities to NYXL, Moira and the key to winning fights

January 24th
written by Barroi

sleepyAfter an exciting 3-2 win against Boston Uprising, Shock‘s Nikola “sleepy” Andrews joined me for a brief interview. The Flex-Support player from Lakeland, FL talks about SFS’s similarities to New York Excelsior, how to play Moira and why having double-support ults is the key to victory.

Barroi: What a game, right. Did you expect it to be that close?

sleepy: Yeah I did, us and Boston are very evenly matched teams. And we have been preparing really well for this game.

Did you at any point think that you were close to losing?

sleepy: After our wonky little Horizon [not getting a single point] I was like “ugh you don’t want to do that”. Our Eichenwalde was pretty bad as well, though. If there was any map I expected us to lose then it would be Eichenwalde, our Eichenwalde is not that great right now.

What about Control, did you think that Control is this one map-type you can rely on?

sleepy: Our KotH is definitely our strongest map-type, we do really well on KotH in scrims too.

Whenever I try to conceptualize Control/KotH I come to the conclusion that you are better on it the better your mechanics are. Because you don’t need that much coordination compared to other map-types, is that at all accurate?

sleepy: Yeah it is, there isn’t that much super heavy team-coordination needed. You just run to an essential objective and fight over it. One thing I think it really requires is obviously good individual mechanics and then ult-management. Ult-economy is really important on Control.

You said earlier after Horizon, losing 2-0, that was kind of a big blow. Is there something specific that you do during half time, maybe to get the moral back up?

sleepy: We are not trying to focus on the last map, especially if we lost, and we are just trying to concentrate on the upcoming 3rd map, which was Oasis at that time. We are talking about that comps that we are running, what they might run. Because we scouted beforehand what they ran in other games, so we are trying to prepare for that, how we would play around it and stuff like that. We just make sure we are focusing on what’s ahead of us, keep our minds up, rather than thinking about the lost map.

Are you having trouble with anyone flaming each other?

sleepy: No, don’t have too much trouble with flaming. We get a little overzealous in comms sometimes. We would be like really excited, really hyped and we have to tell each other take deep breaths and relax, because the comms can get really hectic. And for our comms I am one of the more important people to listen to, but when people are yelling they really can’t hear me. I’m not going to yell either so we gotta make sure we calm down.

Are you the one that is doing a lot of shot-calling?

sleepy: Not really shot-calling, but I am definitely one of the people we play around. We make sure to keep me alive, I’ll tell everyone my position for example. And if we focus fire with discords those calls come from me.

That’s interesting, so you get a lot of resources, right. Is that because your whole team thinks that Flex-Support is more important right now, or is it just that everybody thinks that you’re so good?

sleepy: (laughs) I mean it could be a bit of both, but we scrim New York a lot. And if you look at how NY plays, you’ll notice they play around JJoNaK. This guy has insane stats, he is an insane Zen player, but they also but a lot of resources into him and definitely keep him alive. And we scrim them a lot and we feel they are the closest match to us, they are a lot like us in terms of play-style. So we kinda just take stuff from them and integrate it in our play. So we definitely focus on me a lot more, because I’m a really good Zen player, so why not keep me alive.

You also played Moira today. Tell me a little bit about that, is there a specific team-composition or map you like to play Moira on?

sleepy: I don’t really care which map to play Moira on, but in regards to the team-comp: We only play her with “Fat”. So Reinhardt, Zarya, D.Va, Roadhog. With like 3 or 4 tanks Moira is really good. A lot of teams run it on University [an Oasis sub-map] and they run 4 tanks with Lucio, Moira, or 3 tanks and a Mccree. I think she is really good with a lot of team-comps. But Boston, in specific, is one of the teams that is really good at playing against Moira. If you play it with Fat-comp they will just poke you down and then make the Moira use orb or shift and then just kill her. They are really good at playing against Moira, which is why it didn’t go so well today. It wasn’t the main reason we lost Horizon, but it was a factor for sure.

How do you try to use your ultimate? Is it like if everyone is scattered do you scream “line up, line up, line up”?

sleepy: (laughs) Yeah, you kinda have to make sure you are in a position where you can maximize your efficiency, so heal and do damage. But me as a Support I generally focus on healing people, sometimes I try to focus on doing damage. But mostly I try to heal tanks with it, because if you keep them alive they can carry. Her ult is probably the weakest part of her kit, though.

When you are a bit stuck, in terms of trying to attack a point. You didn’t cap it for like 2 minutes, you just run against a wall. Is there something specific that you do, for example at that point are you just waiting to get 6 ults and then attack again?

sleepy: Yeah, we try to farm support-ults and then we try to take a drive-by and force theirs out. Because generally in the current meta if you just go in with your support ults, you pretty much win every fight. It doesn’t matter what they have, as long as you have 2 support ults and they don’t you should win. So, we don’t even farm six ults, just double support ults and then try to force Valk or Transcendence, wipe and come back into the next fight using our support-ults. I think that is how the current meta is generally played right now, having double support ults is just so strong with Zen+Mercy.

Are you even trying to run triple support nowadays?

sleepy: Nah, we never really tried to run triple support. I don’t know, it could theoretically work. I have seen Moira being run as like that 3rd damage support, because she has really good damage output. We have never tried it, but it could be interesting.


Featured Image: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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