Overwatch League Week 3, Day 2 recap

January 26th
written by Moirai
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Boston Uprising vs London Spitfire

Uprising wins, 3-2

Numbani – Spitfire wins, 4-5

Boston started off strong with some very nice positioning and strong teamwork between Kellex and NotE, with the Supports being supported themselves by NotE’s D.Va throughout the entire point. DreamKazper finished off the first point capture in style not soon afterwards with some fantastic Pharah rockets, starting the payload push. From there, momentum was all in the Uprising’s favor, capturing the point in Overtime. The Spitfire, however, were able to match that intensity and push the map into Overtime rounds. From there, it was Bdosin’s Zenyatta that became the true DPS of the team, leading the assault against the Uprising to finish up the map rather quickly for the Spitfire.

Temple of Anubis – Boston wins, 3-2

Uprising was very quick to dismantel the Orisa-Widow up top defense that Spitfire made, only to further open the wound by jumping onto the second point almost immediately to speedrun their attack, completing the map with a rare over-six-minutes-left timebank. Spitfire, meanwhile, didn’t have as much efficiency on their push, only having 1:04 in their timebank thanks to Kellex and Neko’s clutch heals. In Overtime, Spitfire was full held, giving Boston over six minutes to capture the first tick as their win condition. For DreamKazper and NotE, they only needed a minute to get the kills they needed to push onto the point cleanly and take Anubis for their own.

Ilios – Boston wins, 2-1

Hooreg’s McCree was too much to handle on Lighthouse, with the player being able to take out the Uprising to clear the way to a fairly quick round completion. In Well, it was Bdosin’s Lucio that made a more passive impact, speeding up his team to held force Uprising into a corner with Gesture on Winston, resulting in a quick cleanup to capture first dibs. However, Striker and Gamsu struck back, grabbing not only flipping Well into their favor, but also grabbing Ruins thanks in part to DreamKazper’s fantastic Widowmaker. With that, the underdogs take their Ilios, bumping up to a one-map lead.

Junkertown – Spitfire wins, 2-3

The Uprising looked stronger than ever, with Kellex being an extremely slippery Mercy to ensure Uprising stays alive. Despite Profit’s Dragon Blades, Uprising had little trouble until the final phase, where they managed to get just before the throne in a very long Overtime. Despite NotE’s double kill on Spitfire’s supports at the very end, it still wasn’t enough to overcome Birdring’s Tracer and Profit’s Genji to lock down Junkertown for London with less than a minute left on the clock.

Lijang Tower – Uprising wins, 2-0

The final showdown impressively wasn’t as close as one would imagine, with Uprising catching an early point start and then holding onto it throughout Gardens and Night Market. Gamsu and Striker in particular had epic games, grabbing both maps with little resistence from the Spitfire to claim not only the honor of being the first winner against the Spitfire but also the first team to take down an all-Korean roster in the entirety of OWL.

MVP – Kellex, whose Mercy was often too quick for the Spitfire to keep track ofand his Valkyrie’s just too effective to deny. There’s not a highlight for his work, so here’s the final moments of the final map for your enjoyment:

Philadelphia Fusion vs New York Excelsior (NYXL)

Fusion wins, 3-2

Numbani – NYXL wins, 1-2

NYXL had a very strong defense thanks to Saebyeolbe and JJonak, whose Tracer and Zenyatta helped to push Fusion off of the point just meters away from capturing second point. On the flip side, NYXL’s attack also highlighted JJonak’s Zenyatta, withan assist by Libero’s Genji to capture the map with only eight seconds left on the clock.

Temple of Anubis – Fusion wins, 2-1

ShaDowBurn’s Genji was once again the driving force for the Fusion, with the team completing the map with 2:05 left on the clock. Fusion also had a very nice Point A defense against NYXL, holding the New York team to just about 15 seconds left on the point before NYXL finally overpowered them. A misplay from Ark, flying right into a Pulse Bomb from Carpe, was the start of the end for NYXL on Anubis, who was then wiped with only ten seconds left on the clock. With no one to contest, Anubis fell into Fusion hands, evening up the series.

Ilios – NYXL wins, 1-2

Pine was subbed in for this match and immediately made an impact, throwing Fusion off guard with some interesting positions that Fusion didn’t originally expect. Fusion hit 99 when NYXL had zero, eventually able to capture the round despite NYXL coming back to a 99-99 tie.  Pine’s McCree then came in clutch on Lighthouse, then again on Well to claim the map for NYXL.

Dorado – Fusion wins, 2-1

Carpe was the hero of Dorado, not only matching Saebyeolbe’s Tracer move for move (and in some cases, Pulse Bomb for Pulse Bomb) to clutch out their defensive round for Philadelphia. Despite Jjonak’s Zenyatta dealing some major damage on the high ground, Carpe was able to mitigate that, resulting in NYXL being left out of optinos. Poko and ShaDowBurn then cleaned up the enemy team, resulting in the second overtime map that night.

Lijang Tower – Fusion wins, 2-0

Fusion struck early thanks in part to Poko and Fragi’s tank play, denying NYXL’s DPS and Support line the impact they wanted in their ultimates. ShaDowBurn had a lot of NYXL pinned in a house on Garden, which only was a foreshadow of what was to come as Fusion captured the point for the first time. NYXL failed to have a response to ShaDowBurn’s Pharah; with a final Rocket Barrage on Libero’s own Pharah, he and Carpe closed it out in Fusion’s favor, grabbing the second major upset of the night.

MVP – ShaDowBurn, who couldn’t be denied on neither Pharah nor Genji.

Houston Outlaws vs Florida Mayhem

Outlaws Win, 4-0

Numbani – Outlaws win, 2-1

The Mayhem came out swinging with a few lockdowns on defense, but eventually Bani’s Valkyrie and Linzkr’s Tracer was too much to ignore, holding Mayhem to barely before the second point. On attack, Mayhem almost had the same hold that Outlaws did before Tviq’s McCree struck back, clearing the way to an Outlaws victory.

Horizon Lunar Colony – Outlaws win, 2-0

Linzr’s Widowmaker completely controlled Outlaws’ Attack round, completely overpowering Mayhem until the point was captured with 5:30 on the point still. On attack, Jake’s Junkrat reigned supreme, cleaning up Mayhem to full hold Florida on first point, resulting in Outlaws’ quick 2-0 lead.

Illios – Outlaws win, 2-0

Despite a very strong first push onto Ruins by Mayhem, eventually Outlaws was able to overcome Manneten’s D.Va and capture the point for themselves. Well started out with Outlaws firmly in control until Zebbosai’s Valkyrie helped to grab the point in Florida’s favor. When it looked like Mayhem might have taken the round, Linkzr’s McCree pulled off a very nice pick onto Zebbosai’s Mercy to dash the final hope that the Mayhem had of winning, resulting in a quick final clean up and Outlaw’s eventual victory in the only match that night that was not going to five maps.

Junkertown – Outlaws win, 3-0

Jake’s Junkrat is one of the best in OWL; by now, that’s a known fact. In case you didn’t know, he’d remind you with a clean run through Mayhem to complete Junkertown. From there, however, it was all Linkzr and his Widowmaker, who shut down Mayhem before they could even get to the front gate of Junkertown.

MVP – Jake, whose Junkrat was once again destroyed a team.

More Information

And then there was one.

With the two major upsets of Spitfire and NYXL falling to Uprising and Fusion respectively, only Dynasty remains undefeated with a 5-0 record. Uprising improves to 2-3 while Fusion powers up to a 3-2 record, tying with Valiant and Outlaws. Mayhem are still in third-to-last place with a 1-4.

Today could be the end of a perfect season for Dynasty as they take on NYXL in the first match. In the second game, Dragons fight against the Fusion and then Fuel takes on the Shock in the final match of the night.