Overwatch League Week 3, Day 4 Recap

January 29th
written by Moirai
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The Fuel and Uprising clashed in a series that went the distance while the Mayhem put up quite the fight against the Valiant. Meanwhile: after their win against Mayhem, DPS player Jacob “Jake” Lyon predicted a 4-0 sweep against the Gladiators.

Was he right? Find out for yourself below:

Dallas Fuel vs Boston Uprising

Uprising wins, 2-3

Numbani – Fuel wins, 6-4

Effect and Seagull made impacts early on their McCree and Junkrat, effectively shutting down Uprising as soon as the Fuels’ attack began. DreamKazper wasn’t one to be outdone, however, also making the big plays to get Boston to the end of the map with 2:23 left. Fuel, however, did what looked to be impossible, finishing the map in Overtime. Boston could have done the same if it wasn’t for an unfortunate misplay by the team: NotE, the closest one to the payload, was de-Meched a few meters away from the payload. Because the de-Mech locks D.Va in place, Overtime expired without the Uprising having a chance to get someone else onto the payload in time, allowing Fuel the first map win of the day.

Temple of Anubis – Uprising wins, 4-5

Fuel struggled in their attack round thanks to Uprising in Overtime while Uprising had 6:24 left – the Overtime rounds would decide who won. This is where Uprising’s offense really shined, with Neko’s Zenyatta and DreamKazper’s Genji doing a lot of the heavy lifting to clear the point of Fuel and earn themselves their first map win of the day.

Illios – Uprising wins, 1-2

DreamKazper and Kellex’s PharMercy combo led the charge for the Uprising on Windmill. When they approached Ruins, however, Mickie’s Roadhog was the one on fire, shutting down Striker and Kellex with his hook and scrap gun. However, Uprising adapted quickly, as Kellex’s Mercy was properly protected by Striker and Gamsu in the tiebreaker Well round. Fuel couldn’t touch him in his Valkyrie form, giving the Uprising exactly the push they needed to finish up the map and claim victory.

Dorado – Fuel wins, 3-0

Effect once again went wild for his team on McCree, grabbing the clutch kills his team needed to get the win. Even when it looked like all was lost due to Kellex’s Valkyrie, Effect was able to even the score and continue to dominate the streets of Dorado. Uprising simply didn’t have an answer most of the time to the Fuel McCree, resulting in a Dallas win.

Lijang Tower – Uprising wins, 0-2

Lijang was all about which team could control the other’s major DPS the best – DreamKazper for the Uprising or Effect for the Fuel. On Garden, Fuel’s Effect went wild on McCree before being bashed off the map by Gamsu, flipping the point in the Uprising’s favor. On Night Market, it was Kalios who shut Seagull and Effect down on D.Va, resulting in the final strike needed to snuff out the Fuel.

MVP – Striker, whose Tracer complimented DreamKazper’s DPS play extremely well. He also had a hand in tracking down Fuel’s supports, which was crucial for Boston’s victory.

Los Angeles Valiant vs Florida Mayhem

Valiant wins, 3-1

Eichenwalde – Valiant wins, 3-2

Kariv’s Zenyatta opened the first attack on Eichnwalde with a kill on Logix, clearing the threat to Agilities’ Pharah and pushing onto the point. From there, Agilities’ Pharah took to a very aggressive stance, wiping Mayhem as they exited the castle’s spawn. From there, it was Fate and Envy’s tank line that further cleared the way for Soon and Agilities’ DPS, allowing Valiant to complete with 3:10 left. The tank line also targetting Zebbosai harshly on Mayhem’s attack while holding firm just meters away from the final point, allowing Valiant to rise triumphant against Mayhem for the first map.

Temple of Anubis – Valiant wins, 2-0

The ol’ Sombra defense didn’t work well for Mayhem on Valiant’s attack phase, with Unkoe’s Mercy adding insult to injury by gunning down Zebbosai’s hacker while EMP’ed to finish off the map completion with 2:17 left. With SoOn’s constant targetting of Zebbosai and Zuppeh, Mayhem was constantly down a support hero, resulting in some fairly easy cleanups for Valiant. Time expired with Mayhem being fully held.

Illios – Valiant wins, 2-0

Mayhem seemed to line up for Soon’s Widowmaker on Ruins, resulting in a quick first point for Valiant. On Well, it was Silkthread’s Pharah that mainly went uncontested in the air, allowing both he and Unkoe’s Mercy full mobility against Mayhem, which helped lead to their downfall. It was the scrappiest fight of the series, but Valiant ended up better for it, finishing Illios with a 2-0 sweep.

Dorado – Mayhem wins, 2-3

Valiant was constantly stalled thanks to Tviq’s Widowmaker, who consistently threatened Valiant’s support line. Even though Envy almost salvaged the run with a nice triple-kill Self Destruct, the team could only get to a few meters before the finish line before they were stopped in Overtime. On Mayhem’s attack, a misstep from Mayhem in the final leg of Dorado (no one pushed the payload for about five seconds) was forgiven thanks to tanks Manneten and Cwoosh saving the day for Mayhem, getting the kills needed to clear out the point and take Dorado as a consolation.

MVP – Agilities, Fate and Envy, who all had a fantastic series. With the three of them working together, there was little Mayhem could do.

Los Angeles Gladiators vs Houston Outlaws

Outlaws win, 0-4

Numbani – Outlaws win, 3-4

Though both squads completed the map, the Gladiators were on attack first in the Overtime rounds. They were full-held thanks to a flanking Surefour on Tracer and Jake’s once-again on point Junkrat clearing the way for the Outlaws. After that, the Outlaws simply out-comped the Gladiators, coming out with a surprise triple DPS composition that melted the supports of the Gladiators to allow the Outlaws a quick cap and win.

Temple of Anubis – Outlaws win, 0-1

Rawkus’ Zenyatta returned as a deadly Omnic while Jake’s Junkrat once again was allowed to run unchecked for the majority of Outlaws’ defense. With the Gladiators full-held, all Outlaws had to do was capture first tick on the first point. How they did so was a testament to the teams’ top-tier teamwork: they baited Gladiators into giving up the high ground, then allowed Jake’s Tracer (who had been on the ground behind LA) to clean up whatever Coolmatt, Linkzr and Muma didn’t finish. Within 32 seconds of the round starting, the round was over, this time with an Outlaws win.

Illios – Outlaws win, 0-2

For both rounds, Biggoose was hunted down by Outlaws, leaving very little room for the Gladiators to operate. On Well, it was about Linkzr’s Widowmaker, but on Ruins, it was on Muma and Coolmatt’s tanks once again, with the Winston and D.Va respectively working their magic to not only protect Rawkus’ Mercy but also make enough pressure on the Gladiators to have them eventually step out of position and into the waiting eyeline of Linkzr and Jake. With that under their belts, Outlaws were one map away from fulfilling Jake’s prophecy of going 4-0 against the Gladiators.

Dorado – Outlaws win, 0-1

It was one of the quickest Dorado wins in OWL history, as the Outlaws once again completely overpowered the Gladiators to bring their map win streak to 16. Biggoose and Shaz were denied again and again, with Jake playing Support Hunter on his Junkrat to shut down any push that Gladiators tried. LA only got to the fountain on their attack – something that the Outlaws pretty easily overtook with Jake once again successfully targeting Gladiators’ supports. With a final push and very coordinated teamwork, the Outlaws once again proved they were amongst the best in the League with a decisive 4-0 victory.

MVP: Jake, the team captain who not only called the 4-0 back on Thursday in his interview with Soe, but also once again proved his Junkrat is one of (if not the) best in the League. The clip below, however, highlights the perfect coordination that the Outlaws have, showing how deadly they are when they’re in sync.

More Information

Week 3 should be remembered as the week the most significant blood was drawn: all three of the top were defeated, two of which were dropped by Western teams. Boston settles to 3-3 while Fuel remain second-to-last along with Mayhem with a 1-5 record. The Outlaws improve to 4-2 to second-best in the standings while the Gladiators are now tied with the Shock with a 2-4 record.

Next week kicks off with the Lost Angeles Valiant taking on fellow 4-2 record team Philadelphia Fusion, followed by the Mayhem fighting against the Gladiators. Finally, the Outlaws will then take on the Shock to close out the night on Wednesday.