Kellex on HuK, how to stay calm and Fischer

January 30th
written by Barroi

KellexBoston Uprising won 3-2 against Dallas Fuel in Saturday’s match of week 3 of OWL. After their close win I talked to the main Support player from Boston Kristian “Kellex” Keller.

Barroi: Exciting and close game against Dallas. What did you expect going into it?

Kellex: We expected to play against counter dive comps, because when we scrimmed them they played a lot of Junkrat Mccree and when they played yesterday against Shock they also played that.  We knew we had to perfect our dive to beat them and sometimes you could see it work and sometimes it didn’t. In the end we were trying to mix it up and go Triple Tank and I think that really helped us secure the win on Lijiang.

If you prepare against a team that you are supposed to win against is there any difference compared to preparing against a “good” team?

Kellex: We treat every opponent equally. Because it’s the Overwatch League, it’s the best league, right. So we have to make sure we are ready for every single team no matter how good they are how bad they are. We just try to study our opponent and make a plan for them.

From an outsiders perspective it looks like HuK is trying to discipline your team, trying to keep the discipline high. Is that the case?

Kellex: I don’t know actually. When he picked the team we were all coming from the tier 2 scene. We were all new to the professional life and we didn’t have an ego really, we were not known as star players. He just picked up players from small teams and then he just mixed them together. He was a professional StarCraft player and he taught us everything he knows about living as a pro gamer. I learned so much from him, I really appreciate it.

Do you have a certain schedule that you follow each day?

Kellex: My daily routine is different from day to day, depending on when we scrim. But I wake up, go here, scrim for X amount of hours and then I can stay and play soloqueue or I can go home and relax in our apartments.

As you said earlier, you are a bunch of different players from different teams and you also have a bunch of Koreans. How is the communication in the team?

Kellex: In the beginning it was rough. Because some of them didn’t speak English very well, but I think we can understand each other now, they are learning English.

Are you learning Korean?

Kellex: (laughs) I know some words. Yeah, I know some words, mostly bad ones. When something happens and one of the Korean guys screams something I am like “ok, what does that mean”.

How does the shot-calling work in your team, are you the main shot-caller?

Kellex: No, Gamsu and Dream are the ones calling the dives. We all talk about what we are gonna do, but Gamsu and Dream are playing Genji+Winston. So they are the ones that have the overview, so it’s easier for them to the opportunity to dive or for a fight.

What is your role then, are you keeping track of ultimates?

Kellex: Yeah, I think everyone’s role is just having an idea of what to do. Instead of having one dedicated person do everything, we spread it out so it’s equal for every single person on the team.

Now that week 3 is over. It’s still pretty early, but if you had to rank yourself, where would you be?

Kellex: Ugh… It’s hard to say really. Hmm, I think we are really good. I can’t give an exact number, because I don’t want to sound cocky or in-confident. I think right now we are in the middle-ish, hopefully somewhere at the top later in the season.

Ok let’s get a little more strategical. If you attack a point and kinda get stuck, you run against a wall basically. You attacked for 2 or 3 minutes and nothing worked, is there something special that you do?

Kellex: Yeah, for example if we are on Temple of Anubis attacking against Orisa+Hog or Orisa+Dva and can’t get through. Then we just say ok save 6 ults, bait their ultimates and get an advantage. If we get Valk and they don’t it’s mostly a free fight right?! So we just try to calm down and think of every possible opportunity we have. Never tilt, breath and calm down.

To stay calm do you have some kind of rituals, especially in half time maybe?

Kellex: Drink water, just focus on my breathing. If I get too nervous, for example when there are a lot of people in the crowd. Especially against London I was really nervous, because I wanted to perform. Then I just close my eyes, breathe in breathe out a couple of times and then I’m ready.

Again strategic question. If you are defending on a Payload map do you, for every map, have certain positions where you want to defend? Such that you even let them push for free until a certain point and then attack?

Kellex: Yeah, it all depends on the comp. If we are on Numbani third point we might swap to something else and hold specific areas. I don’t want to give anything away, but yeah we have something special for every map. Mostly, we just think about a plan like “King’s Row second point, what are we gonna do?” and then just execute it as good as we can.

For playing Lucio, is there some special mechanical training that you do?

Kellex: Well, I’m obviously not playing that much Lucio anymore. But yeah, before Overwatch I was playing Counter:Strike where I was surfing and bunny-hopping. And when I started playing Overwatch I started with Lucio because he had both of those things and could heal. Usually now, when I’m going to the practice range I just jump around, get warmed up and get the feeling for it again. It’s very basic.

Last question (not really, hehe). If you could pick any player you want to play with, who would it be? Maybe someone from your old team or someone in Overwatch League?

Kellex: Could it be any player? Ahh, it would be my danish friend Fischer. I used to play with him before, on Singularity and we just have an insane synergy. I really like him.

If you are being asked a question like that, are there certain qualities you look for, communication or skill wise?

Kellex: Yeah, I think Fischer just has a bit of everything. He can call and is just a really good player in general. He knows a lot of stuff about the game and I think he is just an excellent DPS player. I really mesh well with him, because of synergy build in past teams and he is also a nice guy in general. It would be him 100%.


Featured Image Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment


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