Mercy Meta Madness: Who was the best?

February 07th
written by Moirai


With the Mercy meta now coming to a close with this week’s games, we here at Winston’s Lab decided to take a more detailed look into how Mercy was used during this patch. Though she’s still viable in certain situations, she likely won’t have these kinds of record-setting stats again, so might as well take a look at her shining moment where everything revolved around her.

Below, you’ll find some interesting stats for each player who took on the support hero, as well as some fun facts for parties or OWL trivia nights. Take a look:

ArK played the most Mercy

First, some fun facts: NYXL’s ArK was the biggest Mercy Main in the meta, with 8:20:59 of playtime. He beats Shock’s dhaK by about eight minutes, with his Mercy clocking in with 8:12:26. Dynasty’s tobi is next with 7:53:14 of playtime and Fuel’s chipshajen is next with 7:34:06. Finally, Kellex rounds out the top five with over an hour less of Mercy than ArK, at 7:17:46.

mercy 2

NeptuNo was the deadliest Mercy

Mercy generally doesn’t pull out her pistol often, but when she does, things get a bit more interesting. Fusion’s neptuNo seemed the most proficient with it, grabbing 27 kills. The Gladiators’ BigG00se has 22, Dynasty’s tobi has 20, Valiant’s Kariv has 14, chipshajen’s Fuel has 12 and Dynasty’s ryujehong has 10 kills on the record.

BigG00se was first kill the most amongst the Mercy mains

Though Boston’s Neko and Fusion’s Dayfly had higher percentages, they only played Mercy for 20 minutes or an hour, respectively. When it comes to the “Mercy Mains” – which we’ll say includes players who took on the Mercy responsibilities for more than five hours – BigG00se was the most likely to be caught out first, usually by a McCree, Junkrat or Widowmaker.

Nus had the slowest Valkyrie charge amongst Mercy mains

For the average overall amongst Mercy mains, Nus had his ultimate in 107.4 seconds on average. He was less than two seconds behind Outlaw’s Bani, who had his on average in 105.28 seconds. Kellex followed with 102.77 seconds to gain Valkyrie on average. The quickest amongst Mercy mains (5+ hours playtime) was dhaK, who took 94.55 average to charge. ArK was next with 96.88 seconds.

The average Mercy needed 99 seconds to charge her ultimate, which makes her the 5th slowest hero in generating ults.


Nus had the highest win rate amongst Mercy mains

This shouldn’t be surprising considering London’s record, but Nus has a 77.98% win rate while on Mercy. Bani is second with 71.93%, followed by ArK’s 69.57% and tobi’s 63.53%. Equally as unsurprising given their record, the Dragon’s Altering only has a 14.75% win rate, followed by Mayhem’s Zebbosai’s 28.26% win rate on Mercy. It could be theorized that Mercy’s win rate roughly correlates with the team’s current standings, with Spitfire, Outlaws, NYXL and Dynasty players all claiming top spots for this category while Dragons, Mayhem Gladiators and Shock are below average.

neptuNo ressed the most people per ten minutes

NeptuNo’s Mercy did the most work, with 7.75 heroes resurrected per ten minutes. Zebbosai is next with 7.68, Bani with 7.58, and Altering with 7.37 per ten minutes. ArK had the lowest amount per ten minutes among Mercy mains with a 6.21 per ten minutes, while Nus was second to last with 6.77 people resurrected per ten minutes.

Amongst flex-Mercy’s, Closer took top honors with 8.28 heroes ressed per ten minutes. Custa followed with 8.20, Sleepy with 8.11 and FiveKing with 7.90. Lowest overall is Avast with 2.33 per ten minutes, though he only played for 8:36 overall.

mercy 2

Some fun facts

In the unlikely scenario where you need to drop some Mercy meta facts, here’s a few more interesting statistics about Mercy in OWL:

How many hours was Mercy played? 91 hours, 11 minutes and 16 seconds.

How many kills did Mercy have overall? 175.

How many times did Mercy die? 2635.

How many heroes were brought back from death? 4301.

Who used Ressurrect the most? That honor goes to dhaK, with 348 overall. Kariv had the least amongst Mercy mains with 227.

Who had the highest kill percentage for a Mercy? technically Gido at 11.11%, but seeing as he played less than six minutes on him, the honor should go to Fusion’s neptuNo, who had first kill .93% of the time. BigG00se had next highest at .67%. Yep, that’s less than a percent for both.

Who memed Mercy? TviQ, Libero and mg all had ten seconds of Mercy play recorded, the shortest amount of time for a player on Mercy. In terms of players who actually played Mercy, the shortest playtime was Gido, who had 5:45 of playtime recorded.

All stats are taken from OWL Stage 1 and the OWL pre-season