Casters for Contenders Announced

March 09th
written by Barroi

Contenders 2018Blizzard just announced the casters for Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1. The first season of Contenders this year will start on March 11th with Team Gigantti versus Orgless and Hungry. Gigantti won the last Contenders EU season, but only one player is still on the Finish team, Davin.

Teams in Contenders 2018 - Europe Season 1
Teams in Contenders 2018 – Europe Season 1

The European version of Contenders will start on 8am PT, 4pm CET. The talent lineup bringing you the action consists of:


Teams in Contenders 2018 - North America Season 1
Teams in Contenders 2018 – North America Season 1

Contenders NA will kick off with Last Night’s Leftovers taking on Grizzly’s Esports on 4pm PT, which is midnight in Central Europe. The NA part of Contenders will be brought to you by:


Only 4 hours later Contenders Australia is also starting. The first game is between Blank Blue and Kanga Esports and the Aussies casting the matches are:

  • Ben “Sandman” Green
  • Jordan “Elfishguy” Mays


Next week South America launches with Isurus Gaming and Black Dragon e-Sports. On March 13th, at noon Brazilian time the action will be commented by:

  • Thauê Neves (Portugues)
  • Arthur “vecetTV” Nogueira (Portugues)
  • Felipe “Tonello” Souza (Portugues)
  • Paula “Ana Xisde” Cardoso (Portugues)
  • Juan Marco “Kerykeion” Quiroga (Spanish)
  • Micaela “PaRkItA” Giagnoni (Spanish)
  • Lautaro “RkT” Massara (Spanish)
  • Juan Martin “Onarr” Tognazzolo (Spanish)

Later next week the Contenders tournaments for China (March 16th), Korea (March 19th) and Pacific (March 22nd) will also get going. The talent for those regions is yet to be announced. The only region that is confirmed to get English casters, is Korea though.

9 of the 12 Overwatch League teams also send Academy Teams into the tier 2 tournaments. If you want to follow your favorite’s team second lineup here is how they are called:

OWL teams without Academy teams are Los Angeles Valiant, Seoul Dynasty, and Dallas Fuel.

You can watch all the English broadcasts on


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