What to look forward to in Stage 2, Week 4

March 14th
written by Moirai
2018-03-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
2018-03-08 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

A showdown between the top three teams is on the horizon while some of the lower-ranked teams have a chance to catch up this coming week. If you’re looking for a storyline or two to follow, don’t worry, Winston’s Lab has you covered.

Dynasty threatens the top spots

The biggest matches lie with the Dynasty, who is looking to live up to their name in Stage 2. They’re not only looking to take on the top dogs in NYXL, but they’ll also be up against Stage 1 champions Spitfire. If Dynasty “upsets” both matches, it could solidify their second place standings in the League overall.

This could also mean well for Valiant and Outlaws fans; the two teams hold 11-5 and 10-6 records respectively. This week could set both up for a huge Week 5.

Fuel to the fire

The Fuel has had a rocky start to OWL overall, but the exit of xQc could be a sign that Fuel is on their way to recovery. This week, they’ll take on the Uprising and the Fusion – two underdog teams that could be a huge morale booster for the Fuel if things go their way.

They have an uphill battle, however: Fusion’s looked stronger than ever with the addition of EQO while the Uprising has seen DreamKazper come alive as of late. Fuel defeating either team would send a big statement to the rest of the league.

The Road to Redemption continues

The Dragons have their work cut out for them this week, with their matches against Fusion and NYXL leaving little hope for a win this week. They also have the unfortunate duty of playing those teams “back to back,” with their game against Fusion being the last game of today and their game against NYXL the first tomorrow.

Mayhem is in similar straights, taking on the Valiant and Gladiators. Overall, the Mayhem has a stronger chance to take home a win in these final matches of the stage based on the schedule for next week as well as the fact that the Gladiators might be at a bit of a disadvantage thanks to their back to back match schedule this week (they play Outlaws last game Thursday and then Mayhem first game Friday), so Dragons fans may very well see their team go winless for half of the season.

Playoffs are looming

It feels like Stage 2 has only just begun, but in reality the stage playoffs are only a week away. Although Stage 1’s playoffs were more contested with multiple teams holding the same record going into the later weeks, Stage 2 has three records tied with two teams a piece. The lack of congestion within the higher ranks of OWL means that playoff contention could be stabilized by the end of this week with NYXL, Dynasty, Spitfire and Valiant being in the best position to enter playoffs.

The top spots aren’t completely set in stone just yet with every team in the top 7 being only one game behind the preceding rank. No one has run away with Stage 2 just yet – and that likely won’t be the case moving into Playoffs. If you’re a NYXL, Gladiators or Dynasty fan, don’t assume anything just yet; Spitfire, Valiant, Outlaws and Fusion are right behind you.