Montecristo Announces on OverSight that Blizzard Withholding Overhead VODs

March 31st
written by Eden


Ever since the initial exhibition of the overhead camera, the analyst community has been dying to get our hands on it. Many have expressed that if given access to this point of view, there would be very little use of the primary feed for reviewing VODs. There has been frustration that it was publicized that this feed is available continuously throughout a match and Blizzard has not harnessed this capacity to provide overhead view VODs to the community.

On the most recent episode of OverSight, Montecristo revealed that Blizzard made the technical layup to record this overhead feed into VODs for analysts. He also revealed that access to these VODs is restricted to OWL affiliated analysts only.


It is not clear at this time how long these VODs have been distributed to a limited set of analysts and kept from the community, and it is unclear what plans Blizzard has for these VODs in the future. The motivations for this decision might have come from indifference, being unaware of the demand for these VODs, or a desire to improve the product to be of OWL production quality before release. Regardless of the cause, it is difficult to unwind the contradiction that these VODs are invaluable to OWL affiliated analysts and not to the many analysts of Overwatch in the community. If these tools are not released, Blizzard will send a signal that it does not respect the study of their game unless it is a component of their production value add. It is in Blizzard’s self interest to make the path to OWL analyst as smooth as possible by giving the tools to succeed.