OWL Fantasy: Top 20 Buys, Sells, and Investments

May 02nd
written by Tepojama

With just six weeks left in the Overwatch League regular season, it is time to chisel your fantasy teams into statuesque rosters worthy of playoff gold. Wherever your squad sits in the standings, there is still time to gain an edge by adding juice and trimming fat. With valuations based on skill, fantasy output, expected role, and playing time — we have compiled ten players you should buy now, five you should consider investing in, and five you should sell to less risk-averse owners. Over the last four weeks about 30% of the top 25 point-scorers have been Flex-Supports, 24% have been Tracers, 18% have been Flex-DPS (predominantly Widowmakers), 18% have been Main-Tanks, and the remaining 10% have been split between Flex-Tanks and Main-Supports. With those roles in mind you should contextualize each player’s trade and waiver desirability using your own team’s needs and league’s dynamics.

(Ownership percentages based on 10-person leagues as of Stage 3, Week 4)

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Fearless — Main-Tank: Shanghai Dragons — 16.1% Owned

Maybe people are biased by Shanghai’s struggles, but Fearless’s ownership remains strangely low. Over the last four weeks he is averaging 176 points, with 200+ points in both Week 12 and 14 — joining the elite company of Gesture, Fissure, and Gamsu as the only main-tanks to post 200+ twice over that timespan.

Ado — Tracer: Shanghai Dragons — 33.8% Owned

In a similar boat as his Winston, the DPS of Shanghai’s dive is criminally under-owned.  After hovering around the top 50 point scorers for a couple weeks, the Korean Tracer finally blew up and dropped 287 points last week (3rd overall behind JJoNak and Carpe). If you missed on him this week then wait and see if he gets dropped after what should be a rough Week 15 against New York and London.


Sayaplayer — Flex-DPS: Florida Mayhem — 56.6% Owned

Like all Widowmakers, Saya is a gamble and likely both matchup- and map-dependent. However, he seems to have carved out a strong role on Florida with some nutty hitscan prowess. With just 130 fantasy points averaged across Florida’s tough matchups in weeks 11-13, Saya dropped 189 (good for 23rd overall) in Week 14 and is likely to improve as Florida continues to.


Super — Main-Tank: San Francisco Shock — 76.2% Owned

It is no surprise that an 18-year-old Winston on one of the league’s meme-dream-teams is inconsistent and Super understandably alternated scoring under 100 and over 180 points over his last four weeks. Sick in Week 12 (57 points) and facing New York and London in Week 14 (96 points), the lows of a Main-Tank with ~200 point potential can be excused looking forward, but his health and matchups require monitoring.


Mistakes— Flex-DPS: Boston Uprising — 86.4% Owned

Starting to click with Boston and click on some heads, Mistakes has adjusted to playing all DPS minutes after being thrust into the lineup following the ousting of he-who-shall-not-be-named. With 192 points in Week 14 (22nd overall) and no word on Aimgod’s arrival, there is no better time than now to take a chance on one half of all Russian players in the OWL.


Zuppeh — Flex-Support: Florida Mayhem — 90.57% Owned

Likely owned and appreciated, but on the off-chance that memes about Florida’s supports lowered Zuppeh’s value — go get him. He’s not as flashy or renown as the other top-tier Zenyattas in the OWL, but his numbers don’t lie. Since his 102 points in Week 11, Zuppeh’s scoring has increased each week, culminating in 225 (14th overall) in Week 14. The only other Flex-Supports to post 200+ twice over the last four weeks? JJoNak, Rawkus, Shaz, Neko, and Kariv. Speaking of which, pull the trigger (or, fling the orb) if you can move a flashy DPS for another underrated Zen like Neko or Sleepy.


Asher — Tracer: L.A. Gladiators — 99.3% Owned

The Gladiators are experimenting with their DPS rotation and it might be enough for you to snag Asher from a frustrated owner. In weeks 12 and 13, Asher posted 83 points total. In weeks 11 and 14, 454 points total. The ceiling is either the bench or roof for Asher, but the gamble is especially worth it if you expect their dive to improve with Void in Stage 4.


FaTe — Main-Tank: Los Angeles Valiant — 99.8% Owned

Speaking of frustrating Los Angelians, FaTe’s only finish with 150+ points over the last four weeks was in Week 12 when he posted 248 points (7th in the league). That type of ceiling is ludicrous (Fissure and Gesture are the only tanks to net higher scores during that timespan) so the Valiant’s uncontested leader and Winston is worth snagging if you can buy him cheap.


EFFECT — Tracer: Dallas Fuel — 100% Owned

The tilt-god is back in Korea decompressing and will therefore remain scoreless across weeks 14 and 15. If that leaves a bad taste in an owner’s mouth that is already soured by a disappointing 123-point output in Week 13, then go ahead and be a good samaritan by taking EFFECT off of their hands and out of their lineup. The OSU Chosen One posted 265 points in Week 12 (14th overall), 305 in Week 11 (1st overall), and is arguably the OWL’s best player when his heart is not entirely shattered by the Drama Fuel.


Birdring — Flex-DPS: London Spitfire — 100% Owned

With a lingering wrist injury, Birdring played for parts of weeks 11 and 12 (totaling 117 points) before sitting out the last two weeks entirely. If you have faith in Gesture’s promise that he is nearing full health, then try and flip someone for the former MVP candidate.




Architect — Flex-DPS: San Francisco Shock — 36.5% Owned

The Shock are an inconsistent team and Flex-DPS is inconsistent role so… Architect is a volatile investment. He has only scored 100+ points once, but it was a solid 142 and he has earned the most minutes of the Shock’s DPS trio. Until last week, Architect’s 1.97 FB/D (Final Blows per Death) on Widowmaker was the third-highest in the OWL for Stage 3. His hero pool should keep him in the lineup with major upside.


OGE — Main-Tank: Dallas Fuel — 26.3% Owned

Since joining the Dallas Fuel, OGE’s points have dropped weekly from a bonkers 233 in Week 12 (11th overall) to just 43 in Week 14. Unsurprisingly, that 43 came without EFFECT and with Swedish bench-Orisa Cocco finally getting to play some maps. If Dallas starts playing for real when EFFECT returns then OGE could start hitting big numbers.


aWesomeGuy — Main-Tank: Florida Mayhem — 25.3% Owned

The Mayhem waited to get their new Winston involved, but aWesomeGuy has gotten every minute over the last three weeks and is producing consistently (averaging 133.7 points). If this is his floor, then he’s worth adding in case the Mayhem improve and discover his ceiling.


Geguri — Flex-Tank: Shanghai Dragons — 35.5% Owned

Flex-tanks struggle in fantasy and the Dragons struggle in real life, but Geguri is an interesting investment. She has looked phenomenal by the eye-test and numbers (highest kill participation percentage and second-lowest first deaths amongst all Stage 3 D.Va players as of last week) so keep her in consideration.




Surefour — Flex-DPS: L.A. Gladiators —99.3% Owned

Surefour’s hype is at an all-time high after he asserted himself as a top Widowmaker and premier fantasy player with an absurd 338-point showing in Week 12 (#1 overall by 45 points). With his value up, trade him if you can for a more consistent player. Ignoring Week 12, S4 has averaged 136.3 points since Week 11. Great player and greatly improved Widowmaker, but don’t hesitate if you can move him for a legit Tracer, Zenyatta, or Winston.


Hydration — Flex-DPS: L.A. Gladiators — 99% Owned

Speaking of L.A. Flex-DPS players with big former weeks playing in a committee… You may have missed the chance to sell Hydration at his highest, as he dropped from scoring 185 in Week 13 to just 61 in Week 14, but you might still be able to move him for a flex-support or main-tank if your league is tempted by the flashiness of a Brazilian projectile specialist.


Eqo — Flex-DPS: Philadelphia Fusion — 72.5% Owned

He cracked the top 25 last week with 198 points (21st overall) and his points have increased each week since his suspension, but the same mantra regarding the Gladiators boys applies here: Flex-DPS + DPS committee = Nope. Carpe is Batman, Eqo and Snillo take turns being Robin. If you can sell him based on flashy play and a big week then do it because he and Snillo should continue splitting minutes.


Agilities — Flex-DPS: Los Angeles Valiant — 97.3% Owned

Popular player on a popular team. Agilities is a talented Genji and Junkrat who averaged 138.8 points over the last four weeks. He’s an absolutely serviceable player, but he is part of an even weirder DPS committee than the rest of this list (alongside Bunny, SoOn, and now KSF) so you should probably abandon ship and try selling him on name recognition while you can.


Pine — Flex-DPS: New York Excelsior — 97% Owned

The Big Boss is king of flash. His points per 10 minutes are always strong, but those minutes are hard to maintain as New York boasts a nasty DPS duo with Saebyeolbe and Libero. Moving Pine, who has posted 100+ points just once over the last four weeks, should help your team long-term.

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