Increased fantasy rewards with Winston’s Lab and OverTrack

May 15th
written by Jared

Winston's lab and overtrack

Overtrack, the leading stat collection tool for Overwatch players has has partnered with Winston’s Lab to boost the rewards for winning in OWL fantasy on Winston’s Lab.

The winner of each weekly contest will continue to receive an OWL jersey of their choice, however the winner will also receive 3 free months of  OverTrack subscription!

The second place finisher each week will also be given the same Overtrack benefit and will be rewarded with a 3 month subscription to OverTrack. A huge upgrade from the big pile of nothing given out in previous weeks!


Season 10 of Overwatch is just getting started, so there is no better time that now to utilize the data collection and analysis of OverTrack to monitor and improve your own Overwatch play.

Keep reading to learn about all that OverTrack has to offer.

Overtrack Automated Match Tracking

OverTrack keeps records of your competitive matches – Skill Rating, Win/Loss/Draw, Eliminations, Healing, Damage, Objective Time, and more.
No longer is there a need to manually enter match data into a form or spreadsheet; OverTrack does all this automatically!

Overtrack win/loss
Overtrack stats

OverTrack records the map, result, heroes played and SR changes of all your matches. All this is done by the OverTrack client passively recording and reading the screen of Overwatch.


Per Game Tracking

Overwatch single game stats
Overwatch single game stats

OverTrack also records details from each game including:

  • Hero swaps
  • Your team comp and opponents team comp
  • The Kill Feed
  • Kill Assists (Eliminations you added damage to but did not get the final blow on)
  • Support Assists (Eliminations you aided your team by way of support abilities e.g. Orb of Discord)
  • Objective information (checkpoints/point control)
  • and more!

Statistics and Win Rates


OverTrack will record statistics whenever you press tab. This allows tracking on both a per-game (shown above) and overall level.

OverTrack Hero Stats
OverTrack Hero Stats

Win Rates

OverTrack Win rates
OverTrack Win rates

You can test out the full functionality of OverTrack freely on a one week trial (starting from your first game tracked).
Following this trial period OverTrack requires a subscription of $4.99 USD.
If don’t yet feel the need to subscribe you may still use OverTrack to record games, although a subscription is required to view complete match details – e.g. the killfeed and objective timeline.


Happy stats gathering and may the best fantasy player win!