Winston’s Lab Rankings: Who to watch

May 17th
written by Moirai

rankings 1

Winston’s Lab’s rankings are back, bringing you the top ten players of the week. These rankings are based on a point system created by WL in which kills, ultimates, heals (where applicable) and general overall performance are all taken into account to figure out who the best of the best are for the week. These rankings update weekly, so be sure to check next week to see if the list has changed.

This week, the top ten is heavily leaning towards the Spitfire, thanks in part to some strong performances this week and high consistency throughout of OWL. Though Spitfire has not had a fantastic run as of late, they’ve overall been one of the most consistent players in the bunch.

The glaring exception would be NYXL, which makes up 33% of the top ten and all of which represented make up the top three. ANAMO, the newest addition to NYXL and the rankings, propelled himself into the top three thanks to his Mercy play at the end of Stage 3 and specifically used the most in maps where NYXL won.

Boombox’s deadly Omnic

The most interesting move of this week is awarded to Boombox, who – despite dropping two places – still showed some high-quality play and is, by far, the most improved player for Fusion in terms of rankings. only EQO’s Genji comes close to his Zenyatta ranking. Nothing in particular was different this time around – the matches were generally of same level on average and there were no major shake ups – so the key might be in some higher-tier support play for Fusion. It could be possible that more teams are focusing on EQO’s Genji, allowing Boombox to go Deadly Omnic Zenyatta on players, resulting in such a high score.

Gesture moves up three

The final note of this week would be Gesture’s three-position climb this week, thanks in part to some outstanding performances on his tanks. He’s held the number one ranking Winston spot since early March, and the top Reinhardt rank for the same amount of time. With a fresh start, the Spitfire might be able to topple the NYXL with a few clutch wins early in Stage 4, giving them a stronger bid to the season playoffs in July.

I need healing!

A new stage means a fresh start for many teams. Spitfire – who, by all statistics available – should be able to bounce back from their Stage 3 slump and make a hard line straight to the playoffs, while NYXL will more than likely continue to dominate with their top-tier supports.

If anything, the current rankings show how important your support line is in the Overwatch League. Even with her nerf, Mercy is one of the strongest supports, as evident by ArK and ANAMO’s presence on the list. JJonaK can serve as a DPS (and Roadhog??) when needed, further helping NYXL be unpredictable and allowing their support line to continue their duties while not necessarily on a support hero. This sets the bar for support-class players, and it certainly separates the healing-only supports from the can-do-it-all sort of playstyle that NYXL seems to have down. It’ll only be a matter of time until we can see if other teams can match that flexibility.