Stats Highlights – World Cup Incheon Qualifier

August 22nd
written by Barroi

The World Cup has officially started with the Incheon Qualifier in Korea and the top 2, South Korea and Finland, have qualified for BlizzCon. All statistics can be found on our World Cup page. Here are some of the stats highlights of last weekend:

Lonely Hammond

FaTe was the only player who picked Hammond for more than 10 minutes. Everyone else was rather careful to pick the new hero who still needs to find his niche. His Kill and Death stats are both the second lowest when it comes to tanks, making him (obviously) a hero played for his utility rather than damage.

PTK/PTD = Percentage of Team's Kills/Deaths
PTK/PTD = Percentage of Team’s Kills/Deaths

God Moowe

Moowe - Hong Kong
Moowe – Hong Kong

Even though Hong Kong failed to win a single map Moowe did quite good for himself. On Widow, his most picked hero with 62%, he got 35% of his team’s kills while only dying 13.4% of his team’s deaths. Making him the by far best Widow in both categories. Even though it’s unimpressive to have a high killshare in a team that doesn’t kill, his few deaths rival those of the top players‘.

Additionally his Sombra, although he didn’t play her too much, was actually the best in this tournament so far.

Deadly Orisa

South Korea may have dominated all throughout the World Cup so far (with the big exception of their Finland match of course). But the hero that had the most success for them was definitely Orisa. Played for 46 minutes she won 84% of her fights (KR’s average was 68%). FaTe‘s ults were also on point: Only one of the 7 fights in which he ulted were lost.

The game got faster

One stat that springs to the eye when looking at the teamfight stats at the World Cup is the fight length. On average a teamfight ended after 19.2s, 1.2 seconds faster than on the last patch during OWL playoffs. If this trend is going to be confirmed in the next few weeks, it would only be the third period of time where the average fight length falls below 19.5s. The other 2 being Stage 3 of OWL and the game prior to January 24th 2017 (which was on a completely different level when it comes to fight length, the game was played a lot faster).

Also take note of Russia, who played out their fights significantly slower than the other teams.

Must-Pick Mercy

Mercy was played the third most out of all heroes, used on every map and in every situation. And her stats show why: Whenever only one team played Mercy that team won 57.1% of their fights (55.1% if you exclude South Korea from that query).

It wasn’t all Pharmercy either, quite the opposite: She did far better with Junkrat (59.3% FWin, excluding SK) and Hanzo (55.1%). If you want to explore which heroes did best with her check out our new “Best Combinations of Heroes” page.


The World Cup Qualifier continues in September, here are all dates:

September 07-09: Los Angeles
September 14 – 16: Bangkok
September 21 – 23: Paris

November 02 – 03: Playoffs in Anaheim at BlizzCon

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