Ultimate Economy Is Dead

Posted by at March 11th

“Ultimate Economy” has become the terminology of choice to discuss the finer points of strategy within Overwatch as a factor explaining the relative success of teams. I consider myself a pretty dedicated follower of the space, and it has troubled me that I have seen very little empirical or even testimonial evidence of it’s broad … Continue reading “Ultimate Economy Is Dead”

Don’t Be a Tease Blizzard with Demos and Overhead View Spectating

Posted by at November 11th

The improvements for Overwatch’s viewability displayed at the OWWC were dwarfed by the potential for analysis of the competitive game. These are as follows: the technical capability to produce demos and the overhead view, which solves elegantly the problem of a three dimensional game with dynamic hero icon sizes. With an API to the full … Continue reading “Don’t Be a Tease Blizzard with Demos and Overhead View Spectating”

Fall 2017 Mercy Through the Lense of Effective Damage Theory

Posted by at October 27th

For those who haven’t read it, here is the link to my writing outline the basic terminology and concepts of effective damage theory (or EDT if you prefer). Mercy is in one sense a fascinating hero in the context of effective damage theory and her unique role comes from her ultimate resurrect. I’ll attempt to … Continue reading “Fall 2017 Mercy Through the Lense of Effective Damage Theory”

Effective Damage Theory

Posted by at October 17th

Overwatch is a relatively very new game and therefore analysis has been somewhat scattered so far. I am writing this piece not to answer any incredibly interesting niche issue of Overwatch, but rather to lay down a broad principle which can be a lense to view a wide variety of situations. This can provide a … Continue reading “Effective Damage Theory”

Sideshow Wins Contenders Season 1 Predictions

Posted by at October 12th

Contender’s Season 1 is over and the clock has run out for any comebacks. Here are the standings for our analysts by week, followed by our overall season weight if we were to make future contenders predictions, the statistical significance of not achieving higher rank in the competition and a general measure of average performance. … Continue reading “Sideshow Wins Contenders Season 1 Predictions”

Contenders Playoff Predictions

Posted by at October 05th

Welcome back after our break! This weekend will be exciting and I’ll lead off with our predictions for placements at the end of the season. Here is our aggregate prediction for North America and Europe. In both regions, there is plenty of uncertainty moving into this playoff weekend with EnVyUs and Misfits being favorites going into … Continue reading “Contenders Playoff Predictions”

Sideshow did it! Contenders Predictions Week 6

Posted by at September 21st

This week tests my character to continue to write an article after getting the wind knocked out of me. “To put it shortly, this week has been by far the most uncomfortable to predict. Many of these matchups made me physically uncomfortable to consider.” was what I had to say last week looking forward to … Continue reading “Sideshow did it! Contenders Predictions Week 6”

Contenders Predictions Week 5

Posted by at September 14th

After an exciting weekend, the field has split into three spots with Barroi, Volamel and myself nearly tied up at the top of the standings, Sideshow and Yiska remaining very competitive moving into the season, and then SmeG, YungBoop, Moirai and Coin Flip at the back of the pack. You can find our previous prediction … Continue reading “Contenders Predictions Week 5”

Contenders Predictions Week 4

Posted by at September 07th

Reviewing Week 3 Results: After last week’s results, standings have once again undergone a major shuffle. The “Significance” is the probability that a player would be at ranking or lower at this point in the competition if the analysts odds were correct. For example, the chance I would be in first place after the first two … Continue reading “Contenders Predictions Week 4”

Contenders Predictions Week 3

Posted by at August 31st

With events playing out after the first week of predictions, I can already tell that temperatures are rising among our group. After last week’s predictions (you can find it here), we already have major separation in the standing of our group of analysts. The weights below are determined based on how likely last weeks results … Continue reading “Contenders Predictions Week 3”

Contenders Predictions Week 2

Posted by at August 25th

Alright! Week 1 of Contenders is over so we have SOME idea of what form teams are in going into this season. Participating in this event are Winston’s Lab associates YungBoop, Barroi, Yiska, SmeG, myself (Eden), Moirai, Volamel and two special guests. First, Sideshow is going from the amateur prediction circuit on the Contenders analyst … Continue reading “Contenders Predictions Week 2”