Stage Finals expanded to include four teams

Posted by at April 02nd

The first seed will no longer get a bye for the first round of matches, but there’s a catch. The Overwatch League announced earlier today that the format for the Stage Playoffs has been changed to include four teams instead of three. According to the official announcement, the top four teams will compete in two … Continue reading “Stage Finals expanded to include four teams”

OGE suspended for account boosting

Posted by at March 23rd

There’s more Fuel to the fire for Dallas It’s only been ten days since xQc was dropped from Fuel’s roster, and yet issues still plague the team. Before he even touches down in the States, Minseok “OGE” Son has been suspended for four matches due to an “account-boosting” instance in the summer of 2017, according … Continue reading “OGE suspended for account boosting”

Winners and Not Winners – Stage 2, Week 4

Posted by at March 20th

We’re back! After a short hiatus, your weekly fantasy wrap-up is up and running. Expect these every Tuesday moving forward. For this week, the Uprising are the majority in the top five, with the lowest amount of DPS players seen in that ranking. Didn’t optimize your roster last week? Here’s a bit of data to … Continue reading “Winners and Not Winners – Stage 2, Week 4”

What to look forward to in Stage 2, Week 4

Posted by at March 14th

A showdown between the top three teams is on the horizon while some of the lower-ranked teams have a chance to catch up this coming week. If you’re looking for a storyline or two to follow, don’t worry, Winston’s Lab has you covered. Dynasty threatens the top spots The biggest matches lie with the Dynasty, … Continue reading “What to look forward to in Stage 2, Week 4”

xQc released by Dallas Fuel

Posted by at March 12th

Félix “xQc” Lengyel has been released by the Dallas Fuel effective immediately, according to the announcement on the Fuel’s site. Originally, his contract was supposed to expire at the end of the Inaugural Season. The tank player has been riddled with controversy with xQc being suspended early in Stage 1 while also very recently being handed another, … Continue reading “xQc released by Dallas Fuel”

Logitech G announces exclusive partnership with London Spitfire

Posted by at March 02nd

The Spitfire have announced their first major sponsorship of the year: Logitech G, best known for their gaming headsets, keyboards, mice and mousepads. The company will be signed with the Spitfire for one year and be “the official gear provider for the team,” according to Spitfire’s press release. The Logitech G logo will be on … Continue reading “Logitech G announces exclusive partnership with London Spitfire”

What you missed in Stage 2, Week 1

Posted by at February 28th

The leaders hold on NYXL, Spitfire and Outlaws all looked incredibly strong this week, though only the Outlaws were able to come out of the week with two new wins. This is mostly due to the fact that the Stage 1 Champions, London Spitfire, had to go up against the other two leaders of the pack at … Continue reading “What you missed in Stage 2, Week 1”

Fusion brings OWL home to Philly

Posted by at February 28th

Walking into N3rd Street Gamers in Philadelphia had a sort of electricity in the air, one that’s common in the many sports bars around the area. However, instead of rooting for the Eagles or the Flyers, these Philly natives were not only cheering on their fellow players but also competing themselves. The Fusion recognized that … Continue reading “Fusion brings OWL home to Philly”

How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1

Posted by at February 14th

The Spitfire overcame some serious odds to be the ones lifting the trophy at the end of the night: 10 hours, 14 maps and 3 full games, to be specific. They battled through a marathon of a day – and a more-rested NYXL to boot – to come out on top and $100,000 richer. With … Continue reading “How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1”

Mercy Meta Madness: Who was the best?

Posted by at February 07th

With the Mercy meta now coming to a close with this week’s games, we here at Winston’s Lab decided to take a more detailed look into how Mercy was used during this patch. Though she’s still viable in certain situations, she likely won’t have these kinds of record-setting stats again, so might as well take … Continue reading “Mercy Meta Madness: Who was the best?”

Four things to know about Overwatch League Week 4

Posted by at February 06th

Week four was all about fallout and redemption. For NYXL and Spitfire, it was about bouncing back from their first losses of the season at the hands of Fusion and Uprising, respectively. For Dynasty, it was about regaining their footing after yet another surprising loss – this time, due to the scoreline rather than the opponent at … Continue reading “Four things to know about Overwatch League Week 4”

Winners and Not-Winners: Week 3

Posted by at January 30th

For the first time, not all of the top five most grossing players are DPS players. With the new rules for the Weeklies in place, a lot of the ranking has been completely switched up. Tanks and Supports now have a chance not only to make an impact, but to break into the top five … Continue reading “Winners and Not-Winners: Week 3”