Mercy and D.Va given major updates in new PTR patch

Posted by at August 25th

D.Va and Mercy have some major changes coming their way, which are now playable on PTR… Reinhardt has a small update to his kit – he can freely move his camera while shielding up by pressing the primary fire button – but the main stars of this update are D.Va and Mercy. Some big changes … Continue reading “Mercy and D.Va given major updates in new PTR patch”

Junkertown announced at Gamescom

Posted by at August 21st

Junkrat and Roadhog’s home, Junkertown, has been revealed as the next Escort map for Overwatch. Roadhog and Junkrat have returned home to JUNKERTOWN! And it looks like it might just be the perfect day for some mayhem… — Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) August 21, 2017 Welcome to Junkertown Two new videos commemorate the announcement: a standard … Continue reading “Junkertown announced at Gamescom”