OWL Fantasy: Top 20 Buys, Sells, and Investments

Posted by at May 02nd

With just six weeks left in the Overwatch League regular season, it is time to chisel your fantasy teams into statuesque rosters worthy of playoff gold. Wherever your squad sits in the standings, there is still time to gain an edge by adding juice and trimming fat. With valuations based on skill, fantasy output, expected role, and playing time … Continue reading “OWL Fantasy: Top 20 Buys, Sells, and Investments”

Winners and Not Winners – Stage 2, Week 4

Posted by at March 20th

We’re back! After a short hiatus, your weekly fantasy wrap-up is up and running. Expect these every Tuesday moving forward. For this week, the Uprising are the majority in the top five, with the lowest amount of DPS players seen in that ranking. Didn’t optimize your roster last week? Here’s a bit of data to … Continue reading “Winners and Not Winners – Stage 2, Week 4”

Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1

Posted by at February 18th

After quite a bit of work from both xparru and myself, we have something of quality to show. I love meeting smart people – especially those interested in Overwatch. Our conversation began in the Winstonslab discord channel, which I recommend anyone with a good idea of analyzing Overwatch to come start a conversation. With that, … Continue reading “Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1”

Winners and Not-Winners: Week 3

Posted by at January 30th

For the first time, not all of the top five most grossing players are DPS players. With the new rules for the Weeklies in place, a lot of the ranking has been completely switched up. Tanks and Supports now have a chance not only to make an impact, but to break into the top five … Continue reading “Winners and Not-Winners: Week 3”

Winston’s Lab Fantasy: Who was most picked in the Overwatch League?

Posted by at January 17th

Hint: it’s a Support, surprisingly enough. With the second week of the Overwatch League (OWL) starting today and many scrambling to lock their rosters in last-minute, the results are in for the past week’s player pick rate. Basically, how commonly a player was picked overall. Below are the broken down statistics for both overall picks as well … Continue reading “Winston’s Lab Fantasy: Who was most picked in the Overwatch League?”

Overwatch League: Week 2 Preview

Posted by at January 17th

It’s possible that by the end of this week, only one team in OWL will have no wins. The second week of OWL is jam-packed with exciting games that could make or break a few standings (as well as mess with your fantasy roster, if you have one of those).  For a few teams, it’s a … Continue reading “Overwatch League: Week 2 Preview”

The good, the bad and the insane: OWL Week 1 statistics

Posted by at January 16th

Fleta takes top honors while Mercy mains go negative. In case you didn’t know, Winston’s Lab now has a fantasy option now. With that, there are points that OWL players were awarded based on their performance. This is a quick guide as to who was the best, who did the worst and some thoughts moving forward. … Continue reading “The good, the bad and the insane: OWL Week 1 statistics”

OWL Fantasy Update Week 2, Main ’em or Wane ’em

Posted by at January 15th

It’s been a historic week for Overwatch Esports as Overwatch League got off to a hot start in week 1 and teams are going full throttle in some of the best gameplay we have ever seen. Here at Winston’s Lab we got to kick off Fantasy Overwatch for both 10-person leagues and weekly contests. Whether … Continue reading “OWL Fantasy Update Week 2, Main ’em or Wane ’em”

Four Things to Know About OWL Season 1, Week 1

Posted by at January 15th

With the first week of the Overwatch League (OWL) finally done, we now have a bit more data on how these teams will perform on LAN in front of a live studio audience – as well as a few thousand people online. Here are the biggest takeaways seen from this week: 1. Twitch viewership was … Continue reading “Four Things to Know About OWL Season 1, Week 1”

What Have We Seen so Far Fantasywise?

Posted by at January 13th

Special to Winston’s Lab by BDOG Looking for some information on how to optimize your roster for the coming weeks? Each team has finished their first match in OWL and we’re halfway through the first week, while it is a limited view we have some statistics to work with and I’m going to put them … Continue reading “What Have We Seen so Far Fantasywise?”