French Overwatch Mojo: Why France Can Win at BlizzCon

Posted by at November 01st

The French football team, Les Bleus, surprisingly won the 2018 World Cup after entering ranked outside of the top five. Now, the French Overwatch team, Le Six, goes into BlizzCon as underdogs eager to bring home another international trophy to their insatiable national fanbase. After going undefeated in the Paris qualifiers, France’s 18-5 overall record in … Continue reading “French Overwatch Mojo: Why France Can Win at BlizzCon”

Dynasty Resumed: How Fissure Makes Seoul A Top-Five Team in the Overwatch League

Posted by at September 03rd

After stepping out of the London Spitfire’s shadows in Stage 2 and consequently leading the Los Angeles Gladiators into the playoff limelight, Chan-hyung “Fissure“ Baek was been traded to the Seoul Dynasty. And just like that, the Overwatch League welcomes a third all-Korean team to its top five. Fissure’s experience, skill set, and commitment to … Continue reading “Dynasty Resumed: How Fissure Makes Seoul A Top-Five Team in the Overwatch League”

You kept sleeping on Profit, you woke up in his dream world

Posted by at August 26th

He entered the first season of the inaugural Overwatch League as the APEX Season 4 MVP with an otherworldly finals performance and had to be considered a top-3 player in the world. His best six heroes are arguably unmatched, which makes him one of the few players immune to meta shifts and he keeps adding … Continue reading “You kept sleeping on Profit, you woke up in his dream world”

Stats Highlights – World Cup Incheon Qualifier

Posted by at August 22nd

The World Cup has officially started with the Incheon Qualifier in Korea and the top 2, South Korea and Finland, have qualified for BlizzCon. All statistics can be found on our World Cup page. Here are some of the stats highlights of last weekend: Lonely Hammond FaTe was the only player who picked Hammond for more than … Continue reading “Stats Highlights – World Cup Incheon Qualifier”

Increased fantasy rewards with Winston’s Lab and OverTrack

Posted by at May 15th

Overtrack, the leading stat collection tool for Overwatch players has has partnered with Winston’s Lab to boost the rewards for winning in OWL fantasy on Winston’s Lab. The winner of each weekly contest will continue to receive an OWL jersey of their choice, however the winner will also receive 3 free months of  OverTrack subscription! The second place finisher each … Continue reading “Increased fantasy rewards with Winston’s Lab and OverTrack”

Boston Looking to Cap Undefeated Stage 3 with Playoff Championship

Posted by at May 06th

With the final slot confirmed thanks to Valiant’s first map win against the Fusion today, we now know our four playoff teams: Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior, Los Angeles Valiant and the Los Angeles Gladiators. Boston is the favorite… Thanks to their undefeated 10-0 streak – something that’s never happened in a stage before – … Continue reading “Boston Looking to Cap Undefeated Stage 3 with Playoff Championship”

Dallas Fuel Owner and CEO Takes to Reddit for an AMA

Posted by at April 20th

When Season 1 of the Overwatch League was about to get underway, fans and pundits everywhere thought that the Dallas Fuel would be one of the top teams in the league. And there was a lot of reasons to think that way. They had a great coach in Kyle “KyKy” Souder, that had just come … Continue reading “Dallas Fuel Owner and CEO Takes to Reddit for an AMA”

Diagnosing the Seoul Dynasty

Posted by at March 31st

  The Seoul Dynasty have again missed another stage playoff. With a core of legendary players from the APEX era of Overwatch this should be a team that makes the playoffs each stage without a doubt. I wrote that Stage 2 was supposed to be a return of form now that the support line could … Continue reading “Diagnosing the Seoul Dynasty”

What to look forward to in Stage 2, Week 4

Posted by at March 14th

A showdown between the top three teams is on the horizon while some of the lower-ranked teams have a chance to catch up this coming week. If you’re looking for a storyline or two to follow, don’t worry, Winston’s Lab has you covered. Dynasty threatens the top spots The biggest matches lie with the Dynasty, … Continue reading “What to look forward to in Stage 2, Week 4”

Fusion brings OWL home to Philly

Posted by at February 28th

Walking into N3rd Street Gamers in Philadelphia had a sort of electricity in the air, one that’s common in the many sports bars around the area. However, instead of rooting for the Eagles or the Flyers, these Philly natives were not only cheering on their fellow players but also competing themselves. The Fusion recognized that … Continue reading “Fusion brings OWL home to Philly”

Mercy Meta Madness: Who was the best?

Posted by at February 07th

With the Mercy meta now coming to a close with this week’s games, we here at Winston’s Lab decided to take a more detailed look into how Mercy was used during this patch. Though she’s still viable in certain situations, she likely won’t have these kinds of record-setting stats again, so might as well take … Continue reading “Mercy Meta Madness: Who was the best?”

The Blunders and Success Stories Coming out of Overwatch PIT EU Season 2

Posted by at January 30th

  While we all drink and dance to our hearts content within the lavish confines of the Overwatch League studios, there is a war waging on in Europe. The Overwatch PIT Championship Europe Season 2 has been rolling, full steam ahead. Along their muddy, and debris ridden path, they come to a crossroads. Now that … Continue reading “The Blunders and Success Stories Coming out of Overwatch PIT EU Season 2”