Using Data to Prioritize Between Player Roles in Fantasy Overwatch

Posted by at February 07th

          Last week we introduced a guide to fantasy Overwatch’s format and common principles on Winston’s Lab, this week we dive into how data from the Overwatch League and Overwatch World Cup can help determine which roles we ought to prioritize when picking players in fantasy Overwatch. It is important to … Continue reading “Using Data to Prioritize Between Player Roles in Fantasy Overwatch”

Targeting: Where do pros put their damage

Posted by at August 10th

A difficult question in Overwatch is: “Who should I focus?”. If you have the option to shoot 2, 3 or all 6 enemy heroes, who should you shoot first. In an effort to explain who pros generally target when playing certain heroes, how different strategies affect their priority targets and how the 2 main DPS … Continue reading “Targeting: Where do pros put their damage”

Orbs of Discord – Will OWL Deliver the Best Playoffs it Can?

Posted by at June 14th

Playoff Qualification and Seeding Rules Yiska: Do you think that bye should exist as a price for getting first in your division? Eden: We’ve covered that I think it’s an abomination I will feel somewhat better about it if they make it a best of 3 of best of fives like the final for the semis But … Continue reading “Orbs of Discord – Will OWL Deliver the Best Playoffs it Can?”

Orbs of Discord “Valiant… were the gatekeepers of mediocrity”

Posted by at June 11th

Valiant Discussion Yiska: So the Valiant are the second best team in the Overwatch League. It seemed like yesterday we were at in-and-out. What happened and does that place actually have edible food? Eden: Do you want me to comment on fast food or the game first? Yiska: Only the game, Eden. Only the game. Eden: So I have … Continue reading “Orbs of Discord “Valiant… were the gatekeepers of mediocrity””

Orbs of Discord – “Before you ask, you can’t choose death”

Posted by at May 23rd

Yiska: Don’t leak it again. what if we do something with Discord as the chat client and the ability can we do something with that Eden: the ability? Yiska: Orb of discord Eden: ah Oh that’s actually good shit wtf London Spitfire Eden: So can you bring me up to speed on your feelings about … Continue reading “Orbs of Discord – “Before you ask, you can’t choose death””

A History of OWL Predictability Through the Scrying Eyes of Analysts

Posted by at May 12th

The Winston’s Lab OWL prediction game has in my estimation been a fantastic competition (unbiased, as a key originator of the concept). This competition has allowed for the formation of an unbiased record of analyst skill from the well known to the unknown. After 180 regular season matches, there is sufficient evidence to single out … Continue reading “A History of OWL Predictability Through the Scrying Eyes of Analysts”

Overwatch Esports has a Map Crisis

Posted by at May 11th

As has been stated many times before, esports did not begin with Overwatch. Within the most popular esport titles, there has been a consistent dynamic between the avatars of players within esports games and their corresponding capabilities and the world they operate in which form constraints. I am not a map designer for esports and … Continue reading “Overwatch Esports has a Map Crisis”

One Team Still Has a Chance to Crash the OWL Playoff Party

Posted by at May 05th

Only two teams has a shot at the final spot in the Stage 3 playoffs. It’s the final countdown for teams to make the Stage 3 playoffs. With only three games left in the stage, only two teams have the shot at the final, unclaimed spot for the playoffs. Don’t know if your team still … Continue reading “One Team Still Has a Chance to Crash the OWL Playoff Party”

Moving Week at The Overwatch League

Posted by at April 25th

This week’s Overwatch League matches could make or break some teams as the final week of the stage looms. This week will see some very important matchups and could very well eliminate some from playoff contention. Let’s take a look. You won’t find a team any more in control of their own destiny that the … Continue reading “Moving Week at The Overwatch League”

Ultimate Economy Is Dead

Posted by at March 11th

“Ultimate Economy” has become the terminology of choice to discuss the finer points of strategy within Overwatch as a factor explaining the relative success of teams. I consider myself a pretty dedicated follower of the space, and it has troubled me that I have seen very little empirical or even testimonial evidence of it’s broad … Continue reading “Ultimate Economy Is Dead”

Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1

Posted by at February 18th

After quite a bit of work from both xparru and myself, we have something of quality to show. I love meeting smart people – especially those interested in Overwatch. Our conversation began in the Winstonslab discord channel, which I recommend anyone with a good idea of analyzing Overwatch to come start a conversation. With that, … Continue reading “Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1”

How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1

Posted by at February 14th

The Spitfire overcame some serious odds to be the ones lifting the trophy at the end of the night: 10 hours, 14 maps and 3 full games, to be specific. They battled through a marathon of a day – and a more-rested NYXL to boot – to come out on top and $100,000 richer. With … Continue reading “How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1”