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Moving Week at The Overwatch League

Posted by at April 25th

This week’s Overwatch League matches could make or break some teams as the final week of the stage looms. This week will see some very important matchups and could very well eliminate some from playoff contention. Let’s take a look. You won’t find a team any more in control of their own destiny that the … Continue reading “Moving Week at The Overwatch League”

Ultimate Economy Is Dead

Posted by at March 11th

“Ultimate Economy” has become the terminology of choice to discuss the finer points of strategy within Overwatch as a factor explaining the relative success of teams. I consider myself a pretty dedicated follower of the space, and it has troubled me that I have seen very little empirical or even testimonial evidence of it’s broad … Continue reading “Ultimate Economy Is Dead”

Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1

Posted by at February 18th

After quite a bit of work from both xparru and myself, we have something of quality to show. I love meeting smart people – especially those interested in Overwatch. Our conversation began in the Winstonslab discord channel, which I recommend anyone with a good idea of analyzing Overwatch to come start a conversation. With that, … Continue reading “Fantasy Visualization and Analysis: Stage 1”

How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1

Posted by at February 14th

The Spitfire overcame some serious odds to be the ones lifting the trophy at the end of the night: 10 hours, 14 maps and 3 full games, to be specific. They battled through a marathon of a day – and a more-rested NYXL to boot – to come out on top and $100,000 richer. With … Continue reading “How London Spitfire won Overwatch League Stage 1”

Flex-Support is the Most Impactful Role in Overwatch

Posted by at February 12th

In statistics, there is nothing like finding a simple pattern that explains a complex universe. A long time ago we introduced PTK (Percentage of Teams’ Kills) as a simple metric, which by the way acts as a great “control-stat”. To research and conceptualize different playstyles I developed the PTK-Model. And this quickly yielded some interesting results, which … Continue reading “Flex-Support is the Most Impactful Role in Overwatch”

Boston vs London: What Happened?

Posted by at January 30th

It wasn’t supposed to go down like this. That’s exactly what many a Spitfire fan was probably thinking during the first of two major upsets on Thursday, January 25. “Gods bleed” memes aside, there are some very specific reasons as to why the fights ended up the way they did. Below, we’ll break down the … Continue reading “Boston vs London: What Happened?”

Is Tracer is Slipping Away after Week 1 of Overwatch League?

Posted by at January 18th

As we all watch in awe as the Overwatch League finally has begun, there was one staple hero that has been often substituted; Tracer. As a anchor hero for most teams, Tracer has been a large source of damage and easy pick potential. The quick and surgical Dive composition that has been a mainstay of … Continue reading “Is Tracer is Slipping Away after Week 1 of Overwatch League?”

Four Things to Know About OWL Season 1, Week 1

Posted by at January 15th

With the first week of the Overwatch League (OWL) finally done, we now have a bit more data on how these teams will perform on LAN in front of a live studio audience – as well as a few thousand people online. Here are the biggest takeaways seen from this week: 1. Twitch viewership was … Continue reading “Four Things to Know About OWL Season 1, Week 1”

What Have We Seen so Far Fantasywise?

Posted by at January 13th

Special to Winston’s Lab by BDOG Looking for some information on how to optimize your roster for the coming weeks? Each team has finished their first match in OWL and we’re halfway through the first week, while it is a limited view we have some statistics to work with and I’m going to put them … Continue reading “What Have We Seen so Far Fantasywise?”

10 interesting statistics coming in from the Overwatch League Preseason

Posted by at January 03rd

  With the genesis of the Overwatch League upon us within a few short days, Winston’s Lab has finally pull together their statistics from the Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason. Here are just a sample of some of the colorful and interesting statistics that have come up during the event.   If you would like … Continue reading “10 interesting statistics coming in from the Overwatch League Preseason”

Broadcasters Struggling to Give Context and Meaning to Game Stats

Posted by at December 07th

Displaying stats on broadcast has been a headache for all tournament organizers in the Overwatch scene. In some cases context is missing, in other cases crucial stats are missing and in others stats are just little fun facts with no real value. In this article, I am going to discuss three approaches from recently concluded … Continue reading “Broadcasters Struggling to Give Context and Meaning to Game Stats”