[Q-Analysis] Ultimate Inconsistencies Pt.1

Posted by at February 04th

Overwatch has a long way to go before it becomes a full-fledged esport and, although most push the “tournament” agenda as the reason (no demos, no LAN client, map pool types, vetos etc), there are still lots to be done in-game as far as competition integrity is concerned. In this series I will focus my … Continue reading “[Q-Analysis] Ultimate Inconsistencies Pt.1”

Highlighting The Most Important Stats Going Into MLG Vegas

Posted by at December 12th

MLG Vegas commences on Friday this week and in order to support and amplify story lines for this event we highlight the most important statistics going into the tournament. The statistics presented were, if not otherwise specified, assembled by taking data from LAN tournaments of the past 4 months. Note that it was not possible to include … Continue reading “Highlighting The Most Important Stats Going Into MLG Vegas”

Compromises Between Map Drafts And the Predetermination of Maps

Posted by at December 10th

ESL has just announced that their previous rules regarding map selection at IEM Gyeonggi, in specific the process of banning and picking maps at the start of each match while having a limited map pool was not in compliance with Blizzard’s tournament specifications and thus has been readjusted. That readjustment, however, only led to ESL predetermining … Continue reading “Compromises Between Map Drafts And the Predetermination of Maps”

IEM Gyeonggi Teams Announced

Posted by at December 06th

Intel Extreme Masters announced the six teams that will battle for their share of the $100,000 prize pool at the IEM Gyeonggi in Goyang, South Korea. The tournament will run from December 16th – December 18th with the following teams attending:  Afreeca Freecs Blue  Lunatic-Hai  Kongdoo Panthera  LuxuryWatch Red  Misfits  Rogue   This will be … Continue reading “IEM Gyeonggi Teams Announced”

Three Team Trade Deal Between Misfits, Rogue and LG

Posted by at December 05th

As originally reported by Hollywood Esports the three teams of Rogue, Misfits and Luminosity Gaming have finalized a three team deal in order to improve their rosters. As Anton “COOLLER” Singov announced on his stream earlier today, Misfits are now a full Swedish team, with only Sebastian “Zebbosai” Olsson and Andreas “Nevix” Karlsson staying on the Team that … Continue reading “Three Team Trade Deal Between Misfits, Rogue and LG”

IEM Gyeonggi to take place at the same weekend as MLG Vegas

Posted by at December 03rd

ESL announced today that IEM Gyeonggi, in Goyang, South Korea, will feature a $100,000 Overwatch Tournament. The event will use the traditional IEM format, where 6 teams are invited to battle though a single elimination bracket and two teams get a bye to the semifinals. The attending teams have not been specified yet, but ESL … Continue reading “IEM Gyeonggi to take place at the same weekend as MLG Vegas”

MLG Vegas Broadcasting Talent

Posted by at December 01st

With less than three weeks until MLG Vegas kicks off, Major League Gaming announced the broadcasting talent lineup for their event. It will be the first Overwatch event for MLG’s Chris Puckett and Matt “Flame” Rodriguez, who emerged as one of the most active content creators in the Overwatch esports scene. Joining them will be … Continue reading “MLG Vegas Broadcasting Talent”

Chinese Overwatch Team Story Tournament Announced – $100K Prize Pool

Posted by at November 25th

Earlier today Zhanqi TV announced the next big LAN tournament in China. The Overwatch Team Story (OTS) will play out from December 2nd to January 8th in Shanghai. Like their Heathstone tournaments (HTS), the OTS will receive official recognition and support by Blizzard. The event will have a total prize pool of about $100,000 with $43,000 … Continue reading “Chinese Overwatch Team Story Tournament Announced – $100K Prize Pool”

DreamHack groups revealed

Posted by at November 24th

The 4 teams who advance to the main event of DreamHack Winter after their performance in the BYOC Qualifier are:  Team LDLC  PENTA Sports  Mousesports  UnWanted The whole BYOC bracket can be found on Challonge. After the conclusion of the Qualifier the Groups of the main event have been revealed: Group A  Ninjas in Pyjamas  UnWanted … Continue reading “DreamHack groups revealed”

MLG Vegas groups announced

Posted by at November 23rd

Major League Gaming just announced the groups of their MLG Vegas 2016 tournament, starting December 16.   We are happy to announce groups for the @PlayOverwatch #MLGVegas Invitational! December 16-18, passes available at https://t.co/XhOU225ADo pic.twitter.com/LwcKzlqXHX — MLG (@MLG) 23 November 2016 The event has a prize pool of $100,000 with the prize distribution yet to … Continue reading “MLG Vegas groups announced”

$100K Winter Premiere to run from Dec. to Jan.

Posted by at November 23rd

Next Generation Esports offers $100,000 in the Overwatch Winter Premiere. The tournament has open qualifiers, which are only open to North American teams. The online qualifiers will commence right before MLG Vegas, which is an issue for teams that originally wanted to prepare for that event specifically. There will be four qualifiers, the Open Play … Continue reading “$100K Winter Premiere to run from Dec. to Jan.”

MGA 2016 Talent Lineup

Posted by at November 23rd

The broadcast talent for the Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship has been revealed. The tournament presented by MSI will take place on December 7th-8th in London, where the last four teams battle for their share of $100,000. The talent lineup consists of Soe “Soembie” Gschwind-Penski, Mitch “UberShouts” Leslie, Andrew “ZP” Rush, Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson and Robert “Hexagrams” Kirkbride. The … Continue reading “MGA 2016 Talent Lineup”