Winston's Lab Pro

Purchase WL Pro for your team and get statistics for your scrims!
- With three tiers, Winston's Lab pro has a stats package for everyone! From amateurs just starting out that want to get better, to those in the Overwatch League that demand critical team analytics.
- To sign up for your 14-day free trial, simply click on the package you want, and then either (if you don't have one) or and complete the process.

Tier 3
Free 14 day trial
  • Unlimited scrims
  • Match Page stats
  • Access to Data Tools
  • No Future metrics
  • Damage/Healing stats
  • No Stats-Reports
Tier 2
Free 14 day trial
  • Unlimited scrims
  • Match Page stats
  • Access to Data Tools
  • Some future metrics
  • Damage/Healing stats
  • No Stats-Reports
Tier 1
Free 14 day trial
  • Unlimited scrims
  • Match Page stats
  • Access to Data Tools
  • All future metrics
  • Damage/Healing stats
  • 1 monthly Stats-Report
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You can get the tier3 package for $40/month if you commit to quarterly payments of $120, by clicking .

By purchasing WL Pro you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

To start your trial click the Subscibe button. Please make sure to input your WL account name, the name of your team and the BattleTag of the person who usually spectates your scrims (you can edit and add more BattleTags later).
Please note, that it can take up to 24 hours before the system is correctly set up and you can start getting scrim stats.
Note, your team name and username will be publicly visible on the website (people could find those if they wanted to. Not your data or that you are using WL Pro, just the names themselves).

With Tier 3 you have access to all your stats on the according match pages. This means you can see kills, deaths, ults, etc. for that specific match (example). Aggregated stats over multiple maps as well as team-comp/fight stats and everything available under the "Data Tools" tab is not accessible!
Tier 2 gives you access to all your data on all pages in the "Data Tools" tab. You will also get access to all future Data Tools and their metrics. Future metrics for damage/healing will not be available.
Tier 1 requires a little bit more setup work, but gives you the opportunity to get stats like damage, healing, objective time, and so on for your players.

How it works

  1. Two Step Setup
    First, download OverTrack, start it and enable “Track Custom Games”.

    click on images to enlarge them
    Second, send us your Battle Tag, so that we can sync your WL Pro account with OverTrack.
    If you purchase Tier 1, to get damage and healing stats, repeat this for all your players. Install OverTrack and add their BattleTags.

  2. Recording Scrimmages
    You can not record past scrims using VoDs.
    To record your scrims simply run OverTrack, while you spectate the game. After a scrim block is over, head to Winston’s Lab and fill in the necessary additional information. First go to “Process Raw Data”:
    You will find an interface looking like that:

    click on images to enlarge them

    Here just use the “Add Match” and “Add Map” buttons to recreate the scrim block that just ended. Map data will automatically be pulled from OverTrack. (To make data easier to digest later our tip is: Have all maps of the same scrim block with the same opponent in one “Match”).
    You have to input the teams that played and the total map-score for that scrimblock at the very top.
    For every Map you also have to check whether player names were spelled correctly, about 25% of them will have minor spelling mistakes (e.g. ‘D’ instead of ‘O’).

    corrupt-data warnings
    Sometimes, OverTrack data might be corrupt, if that appears to be the case the system gives out warnings like shown above and you should make use of the “Delete This OverTrack Key” button.

    Once you grow accustomed to the system, inputting the additional data is a matter of less than 5 minutes. Oh, and make sure to not forget to hit “Submit” at the top right of the page - in case there are some player names that couldn’t be matched to any player in our database you will also get a warning at this point.

    player name warnings

  3. Checking your stats
    Once you hit submit those matches will be available like any public matches on Winston’s Lab (with the exception that only you can see them).
    Go to “Scrim Matches” to find them and use our treasure trove of other other pages (accessible under the “More” tab) for deep data analytics.
    You can also go to “Manage Access” (shown in the screenshot on the right) to manage which users can see your data.

  4. Current Bugs
    • D.Va Ults are not being recorded right now.
    If you found some more let us know: